The Importance of Expert-Led Guidance Throughout Your RTLS Journey

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“You don’t need to be good at many things, focus on mastering one.” This phrase is why many hospitals decide to use a consulting service for multiple aspects of their business. There are many layers to healthcare – patient care, patient experience, finance, operations, etc. We can’t expect staff members to be experts in all fields. Typically, an RTLS solution is a combination of RTLS hardware, RTLS software applications, and integrations to several other healthcare systems, such as nurse call, CMMS, or EHR. In addition, RTLS is not just a technology solution; it is deeply intertwined with many operational processes and deploying and managing it in-house without prior experience can result in RTLS system deterioration or missed opportunities to deliver value back to your organization, patients, and staff. That is where selecting a partner that can provide expert guidance and training comes in. By having RTLS experts look after your program, you will have access to all best practices occurring across the industry to avoid making the same mistakes others have made in the past; costly mistakes that can cost you a lot from the financial and user adoption perspectives.

CenTrak EngageSM utilizes industry knowledge and best practices that have been developed and refined over the course of the last two decades. Our team of experts include former nurses, PHD’s, and engineers who work together to ensure your facility has the correct technology installed, the proper processes in place, and the right training and tools for your team to meet your program’s objectives and achieve desired outcomes quickly and efficiently.

RTLS Consulting services offered by CenTrak have several areas of focus: staff workflows, patient throughput, and asset management, which offer practical guidance and solutions to help you face pressing challenges, support change, and sustain results. This enables organizations that acquire this innovative technology to ensure continuous success and increased value.

Our RTLS consulting services are completely customizable, as our experts work with you to help you determine the best course of action. During the assessment phase, the Engage team seeks to understand and uncover bottlenecks and help to develop and facilitate governance structure. We work together to devise a post go-live success strategy that transitions into better outcomes for patients and your bottom line. Detailed PNL’s are created so facilities have everything necessary to be successful and expectations for value are set.

On the clinical side, Engage can reduce patient wait times, increase room utilization and availability, enhance patient and staff visibility, automate compliance reporting, increase awareness with real-time smart notifications, and so much more. Operationally, your facility can expect improved equipment distribution, availability, and utilization, streamlined processes for preventative maintenance compliance and recall management, and increased staff productivity for both clinicians and ancillary staff.

Unlock CenTrak’s expert advice for achieving operational efficiency, higher safety standards, and the ultimate patient experience. Contact us today to see how we can transform your RTLS program.

In the meantime, watch our recent webinar, Transforming RTLS Data into Actionable Intelligence, which details the Engage program.

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