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We are here to make your implementation a success.

With over 2,000 RTLS projects under our belt, we understand the challenges related to implementing complex technology initiatives and we use our experience to help you with a smooth and efficient deployment process.

Project Management

Delivering your RTLS project on time, on budget, and on value

Having an experienced project team is the key to a successful implementation of any type of technology. This is especially true for RTLS systems, which include hardware, software, and process components. Our experienced project managers will work alongside your team to develop and execute a well-defined project plan. The project management deliverables include:

  • Project tasks assignment
  • Progress tracking and monitoring
  • Weekly status meetings and monthly reports
  • Change control and risk management
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Hardware Installation

Ensuring your system works as it was designed

A significant part of any real-time technology project is the installation of the locating infrastructure. Our experienced RTLS engineers will ensure that sensors are properly installed to provide accurate data and enable you to achieve your expected results. The installation deliverables include:

  • Project coordination and communication
  • Installation of RTLS infrastructure
  • Testing of coverage for use case verification
  • Coordination of site certification
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Software Configuration

Visualize your outcomes on day one

To make technology work it must align with, and be a catalyst for improving, your current processes. Our team of solution experts, who have years of clinical experience in healthcare, will work with your organization to make sure the software is set up properly and delivers the outcomes you are after. The software configuration deliverables include:

  • Testing software setup, notifications, and escalations
  • Verifying system integration points to ensure proper data flow
  • Validating dashboards and reports for actionable insights
  • Documenting required process changes to drive desired results
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Ensuring user adoption starts with the right training

Technology will not achieve intended outcomes if people are not comfortable using it. Our training is designed and delivered by a team with years of clinical and healthcare operations experience. Our trainers have walked in your staff’s shoes; they can relate, educate, and proactively address any questions or concerns. The training deliverables include:

  • Designing the training program to deliver solution proficiency
  • Creating training tools from self-guided “how-to” tutorials to on-site training
  • Train-the-trainer curriculum
  • Access to the library of best practices articles
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Find the right solution for your facility’s needs

With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.

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