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Innovative Patient Journey Software to Provide an Enhanced Experience

Improve your patient satisfaction scores by enhancing your patient journey, and increase revenue by ensuring your patients arrive on time with CenTrak Experience™ solutions.

Optimize the Patient Journey for a Superior Experience

Are your HCAHPS scores not at the desired levels? Are your patients complaining about not finding where they need to go and your providers not being able to start visits, consultations, and surgeries on time? CenTrak Experience provides simple and patient-friendly wayfinding solutions that will eliminate one of the biggest causes of patient frustration (that also lead to late or no-shows) and impact your revenue.

CenTrak Experience solutions elevate the patient journey to new levels

Supported by the industry’s most reliable and scalable real-time location system (RTLS), CenTrak’s end-to-end experience solution provides locating infrastructure, mobile apps, and easy-to-use tools that help to keep your patients and providers happy.

Client Success


Sheba Medical Center

To increase the number of on-time appointments, minimize frustration, and improve the efficiency and experience of staff, patients and families, Sheba Medical Center partnered with CenTrak to implement a sophisticated digital wayfinding application with enterprise-wide location services.


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