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Healthcare Staff Duress Solution

Healthcare workers face an increased risk of violence. Meet Joint Commission Standards for monitoring and reporting violent incidents and support the safety of your staff with the industry's most accurate and reliable RTLS safety solution. Use in high-risk areas such as the ED and behavioral health units or scale the solution throughout your entire facility.

Confidently protect your healthcare staff

When a staff member needs assistance or, if they are faced with a safety threat, they can quickly and discreetly summon help from wherever they are. CenTrak's real-time location technology, coupled with secure software applications, provide real-time map views, immediate alert notifications, and continuous location updates during a duress event.

Staff Duress - Problem

Don’t let inaccurate information delay response times to staff emergencies

The Joint Commission states that exposure to workplace violence can impair effective patient care and lead to psychological distress, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, high turnover, and higher costs. During a staff duress event, it is crucial that the alert is immediately received by the system and that time is not wasted sending assistance to the wrong floor.

Staff Duress - Solution

The most reliable wireless staff safety solution for healthcare

Staff badges are equipped with wireless call functionality that discreetly summon help. During an emergency, staff simply press on their badge and the application instantly communicates the identity of the staff member and the precise location of the emergency.

This isn't just another administrative protocol to follow. The system's proven results are a game-changer for our hospital's safety and staff morale.

A safer healthcare environment is always within arm's reach

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Safety at the push of a button

CenTrak’s Staff Duress & Panic Alerting Solution enables you to effectively deescalate conflict, avoiding harm to staff and patients. Preventing staff injury also reduces the number of lost work days and associated cost of wages – facilitating system ROI.

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Accurate Location

Certainty-based location data with unmatched accuracy covers rooms, beds, bays, nursing stations, hallways, stairwells and other relevant workflow areas.

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System Performance

Advanced system supervision ensures the application receives critical location data. Staff Badges are equipped with long-lasting batteries for enhanced reliability.

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Safe Technology

Technology proven to be safe and effective, designed to operate in a healthcare environment and avoid any potential system or device interference issues.

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Reliable Network

Never miss an alert. CenTrak ensures system reliability and fast network communication speeds that are required for your healthcare safety needs.

Meet the solution that provides peace of mind to frontline workers

Advanced RTLS for staff safety made simple.

  • Staff Badge
    Safety - Staff Badges

    Your staff badge reimagined

    Put your staff badges to work with functionality designed to keep everyone safe. Help is just a discrete button-press away.

    • Shape and size of a standard hospital-issued badge
    • Ultra-thin and lightweight
    • Long battery life with self-test capabilities prior to each shift
    • International safety compliance including FCC, IC, CE
  • Real-Time Data
    Safety - Real-Time Data Duress

    Instantly view critical information

    CenTrak's staff duress application provides real-time map views, as well as a list view of alert activity. When an alarm is active, the map will display a focused view of the staff member's current location. Robust data collection also helps to meet Joint Commission Standards for preventing workplace violence by providing visibility into trends, patterns, and the effectiveness of your violence prevention programs.

  • Location Technology
    Safety - Gen2IR

    Accurately locate staff members under duress

    For room- and sub-room-level locating, CenTrak utilizes patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR) devices. Without line-of-sight limitations, Monitors and Virtual Walls transmit a unique location ID via Gen2IR, which is then received by any tag in that location. The tag immediately communicates the location ID via radio frequency to the Location Server, where it can be accessed in real-time by hospital personnel and integrated with various IoT solutions.

  • Robust Integrations
    Robust Integrations

    Flexible solution to support a variety of staff workflow use cases

    CenTrak's staff duress platform integrates with traditional security systems, video management systems, access control, mass notification systems, and other third-party healthcare technology platforms. Seamless connectivity to both existing and new applications including nurse call, staff scheduling systems for tag assignment, electronic health records, and hand hygiene compliance monitoring tools.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.