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Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System

CenTrak RTLS identifies opportunities for performing hand hygiene, collects hand hygiene events, and delivers actionable insights to staff — all supported by our expert clinicians, every step of the way.

Reduce HAIs by 40+% and save 1M+ per year with electronic hand hygiene compliance for healthcare

The hand hygiene compliance sensor detects when an RTLS staff badge is nearby and if the individual has activated the dispenser or hand washing station according to the facility's customized protocols. Compliance data can be viewed at the hospital-, departmental-, role-, or individual-level, allowing healthcare facilities to audit hand hygiene processes and facilitate workflow enhancements.

Hand Hygiene Compliance - Problem

Still using the secret shopper method?

Everything in healthcare is being digitalized, so why keep ancient hand hygiene protocols like the secret shopper method in place? Direct Observation is far too labor-intensive, expensive, and typically only accounts for less than 5% of all hand hygiene events. The most significant disadvantage is the potential to influence the behavior of those who know they are being observed (Hawthorne Effect), which leads to grossly inflated hand hygiene compliance rates.

Hand Hygiene Compliance - Solution

Digitalize your hand hygiene compliance to eliminate time spent on manual data entry and building compliance reports

Stay on top of The Joint Commission and The Leapfrog Group requirements by switching to an electronic monitoring system. Data from automated systems capture 100% of hand hygiene compliance and are not subject to human error or reactive bias - showcasing true compliance rates and providing actionable insights into where improvement and further education may be needed.

Staff are more aware of their performance and strive to improve adherence.

— Medical Director of Infection Prevention, Denver Health

Improve infection control and increase compliance with electronic hand washing monitoring

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Non-disruptive technology and guided change management to prevent HAIs

When it comes to hand hygiene compliance, hand-washing protocols alone aren't enough. Enhance patient safety with CenTrak's electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring system coupled with clinical consulting services that drive meaningful change.

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Improved Workflow

Our clinicians work with Infection Preventionists and hospital leadership to mitigate risk and hardwire hand hygiene best practice into your clinical workflows.

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Location Accuracy

CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Locating™ accurately determines if a healthcare worker washed their hands upon entering and exiting a patient's room.

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Scalable Platform

The same light-weight staff badge used to record hand hygiene compliance can also be used to support contact tracing, staff duress, and nurse call automation.

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Safe Technology

Tech that's proven to be safe and effective, designed to operate in a healthcare environment and avoids device or system interference issues. FCC, IC, and CE certified.

A complete hand hygiene compliance monitoring solution

CenTrak’s RTLS technology captures 100% of compliance and non-compliance events without any gaps, providing the best-in-class tracking system for infection prevention. Our electronic hand hygiene monitoring system is deployable as a standalone solution or as part of CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services.

  • Clinical Consulting
    Workflow - Clinical Consulting Software

    Increase hand hygiene compliance rates by an additional 30% within six months

    Hand hygiene compliance often comes down to training, motivating and reinforcing appropriate behaviors. CenTrak’s Clinical Consulting provides guided change management integral to successful system deployment and staff adoption. With a thorough analysis of hospital data, CenTrak delivers a customized action plan highlighting areas of strength and those for targeted growth – helping you to improve compliance rates and achieve significant ROI.

  • Purpose-Built Hardware
    Workflow - HHC Hardware

    Clinical-Grade Locating performance has never been so easy

    CenTrak's thin and lightweight RTLS staff badges do not require line-of-sight to the hand hygiene sensor in order to accurately record hand hygiene compliance. Embedded sensor options are available as well as universal sensors that mount to or under various dispensers, canisters, pumps, or sinks.

  • Cloud-Based Software
    Workflow - Customizable Software

    Intuitive cloud-based user application to support performance improvement

    CenTrak’s hand hygiene monitoring software application provides at-a-glance dashboard views and configurable reports to demonstrate compliance. The system also supports customizable room rules, such as the requirement to use soap vs. sanitizer, as well as workflow adjustments to configure the appropriate timeframe for staff adherence based on room type.

  • Actionable Reports
    Workflow - Reports

    Robust reporting provides you with the information you need, when you need it

    Extensive reporting to help you stay on top of The Joint Commission and The Leapfrog Group requirements. Facilities can access various reports to view hand hygiene compliance rates by staff group, role, time of day, overall opportunities, or individual staff members. This insightful data allows healthcare facilities to audit hand hygiene processes and facilitate workflow enhancements.

  • Location Technology
    Safety - Gen2IR

    Clinical-grade locating offers the accuracy needed for hand hygiene monitoring

    Battery-powered Monitors and Virtual Walls are easily installed in patient care areas without the need to close rooms or deploy special infection prevention measures. To enable room and sub-room/bay-level locating, CenTrak uses our patented second-generation infrared (Gen2IR). Gen2IR does not pass through walls and does not require line-of-sight for communication. Our Gen2IR devices transmit a unique location ID, which is received by any tag in that location. The tag sends the location ID via radio frequency to the CenTrak Server, where it is then streamed to the software application for real-time compliance list views, dashboards, and analytics.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.