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Blood Bank Environmental Monitoring

Properly maintaining temperatures and environmental conditions while storing and transporting blood, plasma and other blood components is necessary for eliminating waste and any health risks to patients

Optimal storage conditions keep valuable blood and tissue bank inventory safe

Through wireless LCD display sensors and real-time alerting functionality, CenTrak’s environmental monitoring solution facilitates immediate corrective action by staff if temperatures, relative humidity, or differential air pressure conditions begin to destabilize. Automated reporting of blood conditions prevents contamination and spoilage.

Blood Bank - Problem

Failing to maintain proper conditions renders blood products unusable

To comply with AABB standards, blood products must be registered at least every 4-hours. When done manually, this is a cumbersome and time-consuming process for staff. Avoid costly errors, product waste, and insufficient blood supply with an automated solution.

Automated Monitoring - Solution

Automated monitoring provides the accuracy and reliability you need

CenTrak's environmental monitoring solution protects the integrity of your blood bank inventory. Our enterprise-wide, end-to-end solution includes LCD-display sensors, robust software applications, and NIST certification services. Automatically build compliance reports and reliably measure temperatures, humidity levels, and differential air pressure throughout the blood cold chain.

Blood donations are a precious gift. With the CenTrak system, we can ensure the effort and time from our volunteers are not going to waste. In the first 12-months, we've saved over $130,000.

— Medical Director of Blood Bank, Stem Cell Transplant & Cellular Therapy Laboratories

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Continuous monitoring to ensure ideal blood storage conditions

Protect and maintain the safety of blood products that are critical to patient care

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Patient Safety

Protect patients by ensuring viability and safety of stored blood.

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Loss Prevention

Avoid loss and maintain critical blood inventory.

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Regulatory Compliance

Meet AABB standards and other regulatory requirements.

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Staff Efficiency

Eliminating the need for manual checks and documentation.

Enterprise solution for blood bank environmental monitoring

CenTrak's Environmental Monitoring technology for healthcare is a scalable solution used to support multiple departments throughout your hospital. Our environmental monitoring software offers real-time alerts as well as comprehensive graphs, alerts, and report views, enabling customers to take corrective actions on sensors, analyze historical data, and quickly pull compliance reports.

  • Temperature Sensors
    EM - Temp Sensor

    Automate temperature measurements and monitoring

    CenTrak’s Temperature Sensor enables a cost-effective mechanism to measure the conditions of blood refrigerators, transport coolers, bone and tissue freezers, platelet agitators, blood warmers, and plasma thawers. Two ports are available for dual-zone monitoring or single-zone with an optional door ajar sensor. The built-in LCD display enables immediate temperature viewing, alarms, and local alert settings.

    • Measures standard and ultra-low temperatures
    • 2-year battery life with low-battery alerting
    • Configurable measurement and reporting rates (5 to 60 minutes)
    • 30 days of measurement data storage for retrieval in the event of a network or power outage
  • Ambient and Differential Air Pressure Sensors
    EM - DAP Ambient

    Keep the blood transfusion process safe by ensuring proper operating room conditions

    Ensure correct ambient temperatures and relative humidity levels (measures 10% to 90% RH), as well as monitor airflow in environmentally controlled rooms. The built-in LCD display allows for immediate data viewing, alarms, and local alert settings and the sensor's certified 2-year calibration ensures measurement accuracy.

    • 2-year battery life and low-battery notifications
    • Configure measurement and reporting rates (5 to 60 minutes)
    • 30 days of measurement data automatically stored in the event of a network or power outage
  • Real-Time Alerting
    EM - Real-Time Alerting

    Immediately 'in the know' about environmental changes that risk the safety of stored blood products

    Alert notifications are based on sensing values, sensor status (door ajar, probe disconnect, low battery), and process breakdowns. Real-time alerts and custom escalation paths enable staff to take action when conditions begin to fall outside of safe parameters. Corrective actions performed are automatically logged in the system for sensor and alert management. With an Active Directory integration, notifications can be routed based on staff scheduling and user permissions. Rapidly configure hundreds of sensors, alerts, and users through a simple import/export tool. Alerts are sent via:

    • Email
    • Alarm, Lights, Strobes
    • SMS/MMS
    • Phone Calls
  • Regulatory Reporting
    EM - Regulatory Reporting

    Requirements are strict for ensuring safe blood transfusions.

    CenTrak software automatically and reliably generates a variety of compliance reports and sensor history audit logs, based on a custom grouping (i.e., departmental views) or individual devices. Eliminate the need for costly manual documentation and the potential for human error with automated temperature and environmental monitoring solutions for healthcare.

    • Joint Commission
    • State Board of Health
    • AABB – American Association of Blood Banks
    • College of American Pathologists (CAP)
    • FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11
  • Environmental Monitoring Technology
    EM - How it Works

    Technology designed for flexibility and scalability

    The system can operate under various network configurations, such as CenTrak UHF (i.e., 900 MHz) and/or Wi-Fi (Cisco CCX, Aruba ACX, UDP) including support for WPA2 Enterprise deployments. Sensors support over-the-air firmware upgrades, are fully configurable in the field, and feature BLE connectivity to support a simple setup process. This same technology infrastructure is used to support a variety of RTLS use cases, all from a single vendor.

  • NIST Certification Services
    EM - NIST

    Ensure measurement accuracy to support patient safety and regulatory compliance

    CenTrak adheres to ISO-17025 quality protocols and all in-house testing conducted is NIST traceable. Each sensor and probe are NIST certified and documented before shipping. Certificates are stored electronically in CenTrak’s environmental monitoring software and notifications are provided in advance of re-certification deadlines. NIST services can be provided by CenTrak or one of our certified partners.

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