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Automate your clinical workflows for efficient daily operations and improved patient safety and satisfaction

Leverage the power of RTLS to enhance the coordination of care with visibility into the location and status of your patients, staff, and equipment.

Improve staff effectiveness and reduce wait times

With CenTrak, healthcare facilities have seen a decrease in non-value added time during patient visits, resulting in improved patient satisfaction. Providers can see at-a-glance how many patients are waiting, for how long, and if they are ready to be seen. Also, keep family members informed with real-time status updates throughout the patient journey.

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Don't let bottlenecks in your clinical workflow negatively affect the patient experience

The time staff spends searching for a patient, manually updating EHR systems with patient status, and making phone calls to update family members can often cause delays in patient care and create bottlenecks in clinical workflow.

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Give your providers more time with their patients, while eliminating non-value-added tasks

When providers do not need to ask where their patients are in the care process or wait for status updates to be manually entered into the system, they can more effectively manage their daily workflow and devote more time to quality patient care. Also, when patients are not left waiting, their level of satisfaction increases.

We know healthcare is extremely complex; many different areas need to be coordinated, and real-time location sensing allows us to do that in a much more efficient way.

— Dr. Kevin High: President, Health System, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

Optimize your patient flow today

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CenTrak is changing the way care is delivered by providing real-time, automated visibility into your clinical workflows

Improve workflow and reduce staff burden by automatically collecting, documenting, and analyzing the movement and interactions of people and equipment within your facility.

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Location Accuracy

CenTrak ensures that patient location and status are accurate and updated in real-time so your staff can be proactive in addressing any potential bottlenecks.

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Scalable Platform

Support the specific needs of your organization with a variety of customizable clinical workflows on a single platform, including OR and ED workflows, radiology, and more.

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Easy Installation

Battery-powered devices are installed in patient care areas without closing rooms or deploying special infection prevention measures.

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Safe Technology

CenTrak devices are safe and designed for use in a healthcare environment, avoiding any potential device or system interference issues.

RTLS-Enabled Clinical Workflow

Advanced technology that runs in the background yet produces a major front-line impact

  • Workflow Consulting
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    Optimize your patient flow processes

    Our experienced healthcare consultants, who have spent years on the front line as nursing staff, process improvement specialists, and application analysts, can assist with redesigning your patient flow processes in a data-driven and patient-focused way.

  • Dashboards and Analytics
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    Empower process improvement

    With built-in patient flow reports, you can keep tabs on your key patient flow metrics such as patient volume, length of stay, room utilization, patient wait times throughout each clinical milestone, and time with provider. Get a holistic view of patient/staff interactions and movement throughout the facility, as well as daily to hourly averages of individual milestones to help identify anomalies or bottlenecks. With access to this information, you can start tackling areas for improvement and measure the impact of process changes.

  • Patient Badges
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    Automatically capture the movement of patients within seconds

    To support workflow automation in all types of care environments, CenTrak offers the industry's most comprehensive selection of RTLS wearable devices for both patients and staff. Reusable patient badges (with replaceable batteries) and one-time-use disposable options provide flexibility in how the system is used and managed. Their small, lightweight design is comfortable for patients and easily integrates with existing facility ID bracelets. Features may include water-resistant or fully waterproof options, motion sensors, tamper detection, and a configurable button.

  • Location Technology
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    How it works

    For room, sub-room-, and bay-level locating, CenTrak utilizes patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR) technology. Battery-powered Monitors and Virtual Walls are easily installed in critical workflow areas. These devices transmit a unique location ID using Gen2IR, which is received by any tag in that location - no line-of-sight required. The tag communicates the location ID via radio frequency to the Location Server, where it can be accessed in real-time by hospital personnel and integrated with various Health IoT solutions. Ensure optimal performance with power-efficient devices and advanced system health supervision through Connect Pulse™.

  • Trusted Integrations
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    Seamless integrations for maximum impact

    CenTrak’s open location platform enables seamless integration with both new and existing applications, such as Electronic Health Records systems (EHRs) and scheduling systems, minimizing data entry, reducing manual errors, and maximizing the system’s impact and your return on investment.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.