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Hospital Equipment Tracking & Management Solution

Reduce medical equipment shrinkage, improve utilization, eliminate over-procurement, and enhance clinical and biomed staff efficiency - all with a simple and scalable RTLS solution

Reallocate thousands of hours to patient care and save millions with our hospital equipment tracking & management solution

CenTrak’s healthcare asset management solution includes a variety of purpose-built asset tags, CMMS integrations, and easy-to-use asset tracking software tools for comprehensive map and list views, robust reporting, and immediate alert notifications. Managed service options help to keep your asset tracking system at peak performance, while consulting engagements provide expert workflow design.

Asset Tracking - Problem

Don't let the lack of visibility to your medical asset management hinder patient care and ruin financial performance

One-third of nurses report spending at least 1 hour during an average shift hunting for equipment. This can often lead to asset hoarding, which results in over procurement and increased expenditures. Without RTLS, biomed staff also spend the majority of their time searching for assets, instead of servicing them.

Asset Tracking - Solution

CenTrak’s active RFID asset tracking in hospitals

Having asset visibility is the first step in achieving an operationally efficient healthcare environment. CenTrak offers fast and intuitive asset search, as well as the tools needed to automate equipment workflows such as PAR-level management, preventative maintenance management functions, and equipment distribution. Consulting and managed services programs are available to assist with maintenance activities as well as workflow design.

Our greatest benefit is the way we are using the tool to automate non-value-added tasks, like keeping real-time PAR values and having alerts sent when that PAR has been compromised.

Automate your asset workflows and deliver quality patient care

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CenTrak makes mobile hospital equipment tracking and asset management easier

Active RFID asset tracking tags are placed on mobile hospital equipment to provide data on its location and status in real time. Staff can access the hospital equipment tracking software to view where the asset is, while gaining peace of mind that assets will always be available when needed. Speed up preventative maintenance activities and asset compliance workflows to support the delivery of timely, patient-centered care.

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Cost Savings

Egress alerts reduce lost or stolen equipment while robust utilization analytics help to rightsize your equipment fleet.

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Caregiver Efficiency

When seconds count, caregivers can eliminate wasted steps and access critical equipment quickly with a simple asset search.

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Quality Patient Care

Reduce delays in patient care with PAR-level management to ensure critical equipment is available when and where it is needed most.

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Regulatory Compliance

CMMS integrations enable more efficient preventative maintenance activities and recall procedures to help ensure regulatory compliance.

Scalable RTLS solutions designed to meet objectives

Flexible technology options support simple asset tracking with fully wireless deployments, as well as accurate room- and bay-level locating for advanced asset management workflows.

  • Asset Management Consulting
    Healthcare Consulting

    Optimize your RTLS medical asset management program

    CenTrak partners with your health system to improve outcomes and regularly monitor your return on investment. Managed services and consulting programs are available to assist with maintenance activities as well as optimal workflow design to enhance equipment distribution, availability, and utilization.

  • Asset Tracking Tags
    Asset - Tags

    Purpose-built RTLS asset tags

    Innovative hardware options include the smallest active RFID asset tags on the market, tags with configurable buttons to trigger custom workflow notifications, and specialty devices designed for medical scope management – capable of withstanding high-pressure washing and harsh disinfectant chemicals. Multiple technologies are supported including Gen2IR™, Wi-Fi, CenTrak’s UHF Network, and Low Frequency (choke point and egress detection). Motion and detachment sensor capabilities are available, as well as water-resistant and fully-sealed waterproof options.

  • CenTrak Asset™ Software
    Asset - Configurable Software

    Drive greater efficiencies with actionable insights

    Easy-to-use asset tracking software applications include configurable asset properties, visual dashboards, a customizable rules engine to support PAR-level notifications, reports to analyze refill times and historical population levels, and more.

  • Robust Integrations
    Asset - EMR Integration

    An open RTLS platform for maximum impact

    CenTrak’s open location platform enables seamless integration with both new and existing applications, such as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Electronic Health Record Systems, to maximize your return on investment. A bi-directional CMMS integration assists with PM compliance and recall management.

  • Multi-Mode Technology
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    Flexibility and scalability to meet your needs

    CenTrak offers a comprehensive RTLS technology stack (Wi-Fi, BLE, Gen2IR™, LF, UHF) and helps you to select the most appropriate option based on your unique facility, the coverage model required, and your desired configurations. The same CenTrak infrastructure can also be leveraged enterprise-wide including clinical workflow, staff and patient safety, environmental monitoring, and more.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.