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Nurse Call System Automation

CenTrak reliably detects when a staff member, wearing an RTLS-enabled badge, enters the patient’s room or bay and automatically cancels the call, logs the response time, and illuminates the corresponding dome light.

Improve response times and reduce administrative burden on nursing staff with call automation

With CenTrak, some hospitals have seen a 40% increase in response times. Facilities also gain comprehensive intelligence that can help to improve processes and procedures, like resource allocation. Avoid potential liability and billing issues with reliable and unbiased data demonstrating response times and the length of each patient-provider interaction.

Nurse Call - Problem

Is manual documentation slowing you down?

The time staff often spend doing manual data entry, interacting with various systems, and searching for support staff can often cause delays in patient care and create bottlenecks in clinical workflow.

Nurse Call - Solution

Allow your caregivers to focus more immediately on the patient’s needs.

When caregivers do not need to stop what they’re doing to input data into the nurse call system, it frees up staff to focus on the job they love, caring for their patients.

The system is definitely enhancing our ability to receive alerts and the increase in call bell response times has given the wards a ‘quiet environment' that is commented on widely from patients and visitors alike.

— Suzanne Hawksley, Nursing Director, MPHS Executive

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CenTrak is changing the game by providing call automation systems for nurses

Improve automation nursing and reduce staff burden while collecting highly-accurate nurse call data. CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Locating™ delivers certainty-based location data within seconds -- covering rooms, beds, bays, and other relevant patient care areas.

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Location Accuracy

With Clinical-Grade Locating, CenTrak ensures calls are only canceled when a staff member enters the room and not when they simply walk by.

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Scalable Platform

Support a variety of staff workflows on a single platform, including duress notifications, nurse call automation, and electronic hand hygiene compliance.

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Easy Installation

Battery-powered devices are installed in patient care areas without closing rooms or deploying special infection prevention measures.

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Safe Technology

CenTrak devices are safe and designed for use in a healthcare environment, avoiding any potential device or system interference issues.

Automate nurse call cancellation with RTLS

Advanced technology so easy to use, staff may not even notice it's there

  • Reports and Analytics
    Workflow - Analytics

    Support and empower staff

    This is not a "slacker tracker," this badge is designed to support the efficiency of your caregivers and empower them with reliable response time data. Administrators gain comprehensive intelligence that can help to improve processes and procedures, like resource allocation to better support staffing strategies. This data also provides support for staff in the event of patient disputes.

  • Staff Badge
    Safety - Staff Badges

    A staff badge with power

    Staff Badge Features:

    • Shape and size of a standard hospital-issued badge
    • Ultra-thin and light weight
    • Long battery life with self-test capabilities prior to each shift
    • International safety compliance including FCC, IC, CE
  • Trusted Integrations
    Robust Integrations

    Robust integration engine for maximum impact

    Our Nurse Call integrations include Hillrom®, Rauland®, Ascom®, Critical Alert®, West-Com®, Static Systems Group®, and more. CenTrak’s open location platform enables seamless integration with both new and existing applications, such as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems and Electronic Health Record Systems – maximizing the impact of RTLS and your return on investment.

  • Location Technology
    Safety - Gen2IR

    The speed and accuracy you need with clinical-grade locating

    Battery-powered room Monitors and Virtual Walls are easily installed in patient care areas to enable room and sub-room/bay-level locating. Using second-generation infrared (Gen2IR), these devices transmit a unique location ID, which is received by any tag in that location. Gen2IR does not pass through walls and does not require line-of-sight for communication. The tag sends the location ID via radio frequency to the Location Server, where it can be accessed in real-time by hospital personnel and integrated with various software solutions and Health IoT platforms.

  • System Performance
    Workflow - Connect Pulse

    Optimize your nurse call program - trust a system that works

    Battery-powered devices are easy to install and support. Advanced system supervision through Connect Pulse™ ensures optimal performance while power-efficient tags and devices offer enhanced reliability.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.