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Devices and wearables used to locate, monitor, and analyze

The interoperability of CenTrak's devices to other connected healthcare systems provides actionable insights throughout your facility. Robust RTLS data shared across the enterprise helps to streamline processes, reduce costs, improve staff satisfaction, and enhance patient health experiences.

Locating Sensors

Find any patient, staff, or asset - anytime

Asset Tags
Asset tags purpose-built for Healthcare
Patient Tags
Comfortable patient and infant tags
BLE MM Badge
Ultra-thin and lightweight staff badge

Assets: Asset Tags help healthcare facilities reduce time searching for equipment, automate PAR-level management and reduce equipment shrinkage and rental expenses. Tag options include multi-mode technology capabilities - CenTrak UHF (900 MHz), Wi-Fi, Low Frequency for chokepoint detection, and Gen2IR for clinical-grade locating applications. Features may also include water-resistant or fully waterproof options, motion sensor, detachment sensor, a configurable button, and form factors specially designed for medical scope attachment. Easily replace batteries in the field as needed.

Patients: Patient RTLS wearables enable enhanced safety and care. Their small, lightweight design is comfortable for patients and easily integrates with existing facility ID bracelets. Special infant options are also available. Features may include water-resistant or fully waterproof options, motion sensor, tamper detection, a configurable button, and reusable (with replaceable battery) or single-use options. Multi-mode technology capabilities - CenTrak UHF (900 MHz), Wi-Fi, Low Frequency to trigger door and elevator locking response, and Gen2IR for clinical-grade locating applications.

Staff: Not a "slacker tracker," this badge is designed to support the efficiency of staff and empower administrators with comprehensive intelligence that can help to improve processes, such as staffing strategies. This data also provides support for staff in the event of patient disputes. Staff Badges are ultra-thin, lightweight, and the size of a standard hospital-issued ID badge. Features include customizable buttons, a self-test button, audible alert functionality, long battery life (batteries can be easily replaced in the field), and multi-mode technology capabilities - CenTrak UHF (900 MHz), Wi-Fi, Low Frequency, and Gen2IR.

Environmental Sensors

Monitor temperatures and environmental conditions with confidence

Environmental Monitoring Sensor
Environmental Monitoring Sensor

Properly maintain temperature and environmental conditions to enhance patient safety and maintain regulatory compliance. Our devices are designed to eliminate the need to take continuous manual measurements and come equipped with dual ports to support a second measurement or door ajar sensing. The built-in display allows for immediate temperature viewing and local alarming.

Versatile: Enterprise healthcare solution to monitor dual-zone temperature, differential air pressure, ambient temperature and humidity, liquid nitrogen fill levels, oxygen, and door ajar status. Embedded RTLS technology and multiple buffer types and probe lengths to suit a variety of needs.

Reliable: High-quality NIST-traceable probes ensure measurement accuracy and regulatory compliance. In the event of a power or network outage, the sensors will continue to monitor conditions and store measurements offline for up to 30 days.

Low Maintenance: Sensors are equipped with a 2-year battery life and may be easily relocated to different departments as needed. DC Power with battery backup option also available

Core Infrastructure

A dedicated network to bring it all together

"Star" CenTrak's UHF Access Point
Room Level Virtual Walls
Room-level Monitors and Virtual Walls
Exciters Beacons
Low Frequency Exciters and BLE Beacons

CenTrak devices can be positioned wherever location data is needed including rooms, hallways, and bays. They emit a unique space ID (e.g. room), which is received by any tag located in that space. The tag communicates the space ID and its own unique ID to a location server using existing Wi-Fi networks and/or CenTrak's dedicated UHF network, where the information is streamed in real-time to the software application and other integrated healthcare IT solutions.

Gen2IR Devices: The CenTrak Location Services platform differs from legacy systems in its combined use of patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) and active-RFID technology. Gen2IR is proven to be the ideal technology for certainty-based room, bed, and bay-level locating.

  • Power Efficiency – Gen2IR enables extremely power-efficient wireless devices and badges; significantly reducing long-term system maintenance costs.
  • Rapid Update Speeds – Gen2IR devices can be configured to emit every 1500 milliseconds; enabling low latency use cases such as staff duress.
  • System Configurability – Gen2IR devices and badges are wirelessly configured and monitored for system health including proactive low battery indicators.
  • No line-of-Sight Limitations – Gen2IR filters external sources of IR (sunlight, fluorescent lighting, etc.). Direct Line-of-sight is not required as tags can sense Gen2IR from any direction, even under blankets or clothing.
Special-Purpose Infrastructure

Technology for even the most niche applications

Embedded HHS
Embedded Hand Hygiene Sensors
External HHS
External Hand Hygiene Sensors
Control Access
Control access to doors and elevators

Certain use cases like hand hygiene compliance monitoring and those related to patient safety require specialized infrastructure and Clinical-Grade Locating technology. Protect patients by improving your facility's hand hygiene compliance and by controlling unauthorized access to doors and elevators.

Hand Hygiene Sensors: Integrated options are embedded directly into select dispenser manufacturers which do not require additional batteries (powered by the dispenser). External, battery-operated options are also available in a standard attachment or drip-tray form factor, that may be mounted to any dispenser, canister, or pump. These sensors work in conjunction with CenTrak’s RTLS-enabled Staff Badge, are equipped with tamper-proof sensors, and are activated by both proximity and motion. This ensures compliance is only documented when dispensers are actually used, not just if someone stands near it.

Safety Solutions: The Security Controller package contains the Security Controller, LF Exciter Antenna, and an optional Access Control Keypad. This product generates a low frequency exciter field, which defines the elevator or door coverage, and supports multiple alerts and alarms. Features include tamper alarms, visual indicators for power, door ajar alerts, and loiter notifications. If the host server goes down, the Controller will stand alone to operate locks and elevators as usual to ensure optimal safety and protection.

Find the right solution for your facility’s needs

With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.

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CenTrak offers the largest selection of RTLS tags, badges, and hardware purpose-built for all types of patients and care environments. Our products feature the industry's smallest and most lightweight RTLS options for comfortable wear and easy asset attachment.