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Hospital Wayfinding Solutions to Increase Revenue and Enhance the Patient Experience

CenTrak Maps™ helps patients prepare for their appointments and leads to a reduction in stress and anxiety when navigating a hospital campus. When patients feel at ease and understand their travel time from home to their exact indoor appointment location, costly delays due to late arrivals or missed visits can be avoided.

Simplifying indoor & outdoor hospital navigation

CenTrak Maps™ is a complete patient-centric solution, including EMR integrations for real-time appointment reminders with directions to the closest parking area. The solution offers turn-by-turn navigation, highlighted routes, intuitive search by keywords or points-of-interest, and custom routing such as ADA compliant paths.

Experience - Problem

Don't let missed or late appointments slow you down

Hospitals lose significant revenue every year due to late or missed appointments directly related to patient confusion with parking, directions, and unrealistic time estimates. Additionally, staff members are often stopped for directions which takes time away from completing their critical tasks efficiently.

Experience - Solution

Big impact, low cost

Offer your patients a convenient interactive wayfinding experience without the need for costly indoor positioning systems, mobile applications to download, or the installation of RTLS hardware or Bluetooth beacons. For an enhanced deployment, combining real-time wayfinding with other RTLS investments, from a single source, reduces IT burden and maximizes ROI.

CenTrak Maps has helped tremendously with late appointment arrivals since patients can get an idea of where they are going before ever stepping foot on campus.

Make your facility more accessible

Powered by Google Maps, CenTrak delivers a cost-effective, flexible and scalable mapping solution for healthcare.

An interactive hospital directory to solve your wayfinding pain points

Facility blueprints are transformed into interactive, user-friendly maps with easy access to directories, parking areas, lists of local “near me” points of interest (POIs), and more. Patients, staff, and visitors can then view a webpage or mobile application for directions across campuses, between buildings and floors, and back to their parking location.

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Provide an Intuitive User Interface

Campus views and individual facility maps are interactive and integrated with Google Maps for a familiar user experience.

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Easily Update Facility Information

Effortlessly keep facility maps and points of interest (POIs) up to date, and manage pathways as needed through the cloud-based CMS.

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Decrease Staff Interruptions

Reduce the need for staff to provide directional assistance, allowing them to focus on delivering quality patient care.

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Securely Share Location Information

Patients have the ability to share their location, POIs, and walking/driving routes via email or SMS with family and friends.

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Increase Patient Throughput

Reduce patient delays and wait times.

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Increase Speed of Services

Ensure patients arrive quickly and safely during a health emergency.

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Enhance the Patient Experience

Ease anxieties while increasing HCAHPS scores.

Outdoor to indoor, building to building, floor to floor wayfinding

CenTrak Maps allows for a smooth transition from home, to campus, and finally, to appointment location. Interactive outdoor and indoor maps allow users to zoom in/out, switch floor-level views, and save their parking location. Extend the solution to multiple campuses within one convenient interface.

  • Routes and Points of Interest
    Experience - POI

    Pathway management and informative points-of-interest

    Our routing algorithm finds the shortest route to the destination and can be configured to use preferred entrances, corridors, and elevators, staff-only routes are also an option. Users may also choose accessible routes that avoid stairs, narrow corridors, or steep inclines. Patients can search for popular points of interest by name, category, or keyword. Points of Interest (POI) data can include helpful details such as:

    • Contact information
    • Hours of operation, keywords for smart search
    • Descriptions
    • Images, videos, and web URLs
  • Delivery Options
    Experience - Delivery Options

    Giving patients the choice to access from anywhere

    Launch CenTrak Maps from:

    • Desktop Browser and/or embedded in your website
    • Mobile Browser and/or embedded in your mobile application
    • QR Code Signage installed throughout your facility for instant access
    • Appointment reminders via EHR integration
    • Hospital-owned app/kiosk via SDK for personalized and cohesive branding
  • Unique QR Solution
    Experience - QR Solution

    Low-cost, low barrier to entry, low-touch solution

    CenTrak provides an economic and cost-effective wayfinding option without the need for additional hardware installation or mobile apps to download — one of the most significant barriers to user adoption. Begin with beautified digital maps and add QR code functionality positioned throughout the facility. Compatible with any web browser, users simply scan the code from their mobile device (connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data), choose their destination from the facility’s digital directory, and start navigating. For a more traditional wayfinding experience, easily expand this solution with real-time wayfinding options leveraging BLE beacons.

  • EMR Integration
    Experience - EMR

    Provide personalized appointment information with actionable reminders

    Help your patients prepare for their visits by sending helpful appointment reminders that include the route from home to the suggested parking area, as well as the duration of the walk to their final appointment destination. Navigation can be launched directly from appointment reminders.

    Share points-of-interest and routes in appointment reminders via:

    • Email or SMS (text messaging)
    • Push notifications from hospital app
    • Within patient portals such as Epic MyChart
  • Content Management System
    Experience - CMS

    Creating the maps and giving your patients access to up-to-date facility information

    Initially, CenTrak creates a modern, interactive hospital map from CAD or other floor plan files. As facilities change over time, CenTrak’s Content Management System (CMS) allows for the administrative flexibility to future-proof your Wayfinding and Location Services platform. The web-based CMS helps users easily create and update critical information, such as:

    • Facility Maps
    • Points-of-interest with metadata
    • Pathways and routing
    • Geofence zones
    • Reports

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.