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Workflow Automation for Improved Efficiency, Safety, and Satisfaction

Automate your clinical workflows with RTLS for efficient daily operations and to ensure the highest level of patient safety and satisfaction. Minimize non-value-added time for both patients and care providers with CenTrak Workflow™ solutions.

Optimized Workflows for a Superior Experience

Are costly workflow inefficiencies impacting your bottom line? Is your facility still manually reporting hand hygiene compliance, documenting call response times, patient care times, clinical milestones, and contact history reports? CenTrak Workflow provides a simple, yet sophisticated solution to automate your clinical processes. Focus on patient care, while we take care of the rest.

Drive new levels of healthcare automation

Supported by the industry’s most reliable and scalable real-time location system (RTLS), CenTrak’s end-to-end workflow solution provides locating infrastructure, a variety of purpose-built wearables, and easy-to-use software tools for real-time map views, lists, reports, and alerts. Consulting services are also offered to help drive meaningful impact of your RTLS implementation.

  • Workflow Consulting
    Use Case Clinical Consulting Tab

    Optimize your RTLS program

    We partner with health systems, leveraging technology to achieve greater efficiency, higher safety standards, and the ultimate patient experience. Our experienced healthcare consultants can assist with redesigning your processes in a data-driven and patient-focused way.

  • RTLS Patient and Staff Badges
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    Location badges built specifically for healthcare

    Choose the location badge that works best with your specific use case - from one-time use, disposable badges to multi-use, durable badges. Plus, with configurable buttons that can trigger notifications, you can further improve your workflows. Our badges support multiple technologies including Gen2IR™, Wi-Fi, CenTrak’s UHF Network, and Low Frequency (choke point and egress detection) to provide you with the most suitable choice.

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  • RTLS Workflow Software
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    Intuitive software application includes robust reports and insightful dashboards

    The typical healthcare encounter consists of many clinical milestones. Automating the data collection of status events and patient-staff-equipment interactions provides real-time visibility as well as tools for future analysis.

  • Healthcare Interoperability
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    Robust integrations to maximize the impact of RTLS

    CenTrak’s open location platform enables seamless integration with both new and existing applications, such as Nurse Call Systems and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, to maximize the impact of RTLS and your return on investment.

  • Location Accuracy
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    Data you can trust to fuel process improvements

    To make impactful and sustainable changes in your workflows, you need a system that provides you with reliable data. CenTrak's clinical-grade locating was specifically engineered to handle the speed, precision, and rigors of today’s healthcare environment, ensuring that patient location and status are accurate down to the sub-room level and updated in real-time to support dynamic patient workflows.

Client Success

Oregon Medical resize

Oregon Medical Group

"Patients are getting more time with their care team while also experiencing a decrease in appointment wait times. These results have dramatically improved both patient and provider satisfaction rates."

— Steve Liu, Director of IT

reduction in patient wait times
increase in care time
90 min
saved daily by staff
Texas Health resize

Texas Health Resources

With the addition of room status visibility from CenTrak, THR increased patient capacity and decreased patient length of stay. Also learn more about how a Measles outbreak was effectively controlled using RTLS.

first year savings
employee engagement
patient satisfaction
Denver Health resize

Denver Health Medical Center

Learn how CenTrak’s Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring helped Denver Health improve hand hygiene adherence rates by 75%. With CenTrak, improvement barriers, such as collecting biased observations, were removed.

increase in hand hygiene compliance
hand hygiene events captures
Mater resize

Mater Health

"The system is enhancing our ability to receive alerts and increase call bell response times which has given the wards a ‘quiet environment' that is commented on widely from patients and visitors alike."

— Suzanne Hawksley, Nursing Director, MPHS Executive

faster response to patient calls
increase in ward-level response time compliance
facility-wide response time compliance

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