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Clinical Pharmacy Environmental Monitoring Solution

Track and control all clinical environmental monitoring conditions, ensuring the safety and integrity of your pharmaceutical products.

Protect the safety and efficacy of medications with the industry's best environmental monitoring solution

CenTrak automatically monitors the temperature and ambient conditions (temperature and humidity) of critical medications, vaccines, and supplements used in your facility. Through a wireless LCD display sensor and robust software solutions, CenTrak generates alerts (audible, visual, SMS & email) when measurements deviate from set parameters.

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Don't let manual reporting put your valuable pharmaceutical products at risk

Manually recording temperatures and ambient conditions is time-consuming for staff and leaves the door open for human error. Imprecise storage conditions can lead to costly product loss and the inability to deliver the right drug for your patient.

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CenTrak's temperature monitoring solution for pharmacies delivers peace of mind, safety, and compliance

Automated and reliable environmental monitoring from CenTrak ensures your stock of medications is safe for patient use and helps to avoid product waste. Our end-to-end enterprise-wide solution includes accurate sensors, robust software applications, and NIST certification services.

CenTrak is the most comprehensive tool we've used to make sure our stored medications remain safe and ready for patient use.

Protect your medications and your patients

See how an easy and error-proof solution can help.

Maintain the safety & efficacy of valuable medications

Increase staff efficiency, minimize patient care disruptions, and reduce the potential for human error

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Patient Safety

Ensure proper pharmacy storage conditions to keep medicines safe for patient use.

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Loss Prevention

Eliminate risks for expensive product loss caused by environmental failures.

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Regulatory Compliance

Compliant by design, meeting all state, federal and regulatory oversight requirements.

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Staff Efficiency

Unlock new efficiencies by eliminating the need for manual temperature checks.

One platform for pharmacy monitoring

Are you still manually checking and logging the environmental storage conditions of your pharmaceutical products? Learn more about CenTrak’s wireless, real-time environmental monitoring system that automatically generates compliance reports and sends immediate alerts whenever and wherever corrective action is needed.

  • Temperature Sensors
    EM - Temp Sensor

    Automation to maintain optimal storage conditions

    CenTrak’s Temperature Sensor enables a cost-effective mechanism to measure the conditions of refrigerators, freezers, and medication storage areas for standard temperature measurements, ultra-low temperatures, and liquid nitrogen fill levels (-200 ºC to +125 ºC with select probes). Two ports are available for dual-zone monitoring or single-zone with an optional door ajar sensor. The built-in LCD display enables immediate temperature viewing, alarms, and local alert settings.

    • 2-year battery life with low-battery alerting
    • Configurable measurement and reporting rates (5 to 60 minutes)
    • 30 days of measurement data storage for retrieval in the event of a network or power outage
  • Ambient Temperature & Humidity Sensors

    Maintain environmental conditions to ensure medications remain safe and effective

    Ensure correct ambient temperatures (0 °C to 70 °C) and relative humidity (10% to 90% RH) levels in environmentally controlled medication rooms. CenTrak's ambient humidity and temperature sensors are equipped with a 2-year battery life and low-battery alert functionality. Reporting & measurement rates are configurable in 5- to 60-minute intervals and 30-days worth of measurement data is automatically stored for retrieval in the event of a power or network outage. The built-in LCD display allows for immediate data viewing, alarms, and local alert settings and the sensor's certified 2-year calibration ensures measurement accuracy.

    The sensor is also used for:
  • Real-Time Alerting
    EM - Real-Time Alerting

    Always-on insights into the status of valuable medications

    Alert notifications are based on sensing measurements, sensor status (probe disconnect, door ajar, low battery), and process breakdowns. Real-time alerting and custom escalation chains enable staff to take immediate action when conditions fall outside of safe parameters. Corrective actions performed are automatically logged in the system for sensor and alert management. With integration to Active Directory, notifications can be routed based on user permissions and staff scheduling. Rapidly configure hundreds of sensors, users, and alerts through a simple import/export tool. Alerts are sent via:

    • Email
    • SMS/MMS
    • Alarm, Lights, Strobes
    • Phone Calls
  • Regulatory Reporting
    EM - Regulatory Reporting

    Auto-generated compliance reports reduce manual labor

    The system automatically generates a variety of compliance reports and sensor history audit logs, based on a customized grouping (i.e., departmental views) or individual devices. Automated temperature and environmental monitoring solutions for healthcare eliminate the need for costly manual documentation and the potential for human error.

    • Joint Commission
    • CDC Storage and Handling of Vaccines
    • VFC - Vaccines for Children
    • AABB – American Association of Blood Banks
    • USP 797 – United States Pharmacopeia
    • ASHRAE 170
    • FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11
  • Environmental Monitoring Technology
    EM - How it Works

    Scalable platform and easy installation

    CenTrak's Environmental Monitoring technology for healthcare is a scalable solution powered by fully wireless deployments. The temperature and environmental monitoring sensors and suite of solutions have the ability to operate under various network configurations, such as CenTrak UHF (i.e., 900 MHz) and/or Wi-Fi (Cisco CCX, Aruba ACX, UDP) including support for WPA2 Enterprise deployments. Sensors support over-the-air firmware upgrades, are fully configurable in the field, and provide a simple setup process via BLE connectivity.

  • NIST Certification Services
    EM - NIST

    Measurement accuracy is key to safety and regulatory compliance

    CenTrak adheres to ISO-17025 quality protocols and all testing conducted in-house is NIST traceable with each sensor and probe certified and documented prior to shipment. NIST certificates are electronically stored in CenTrak’s environmental monitoring software and re-certification notifications can be enabled. NIST services are provided by CenTrak or one of our certified partners.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.