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Automated Contract Tracing Solution for Infection Control

Know who and what encountered a contagion, for how long, and in which locations.

Limit the spread of infectious disease, enhance safety and improve workflow with automated contact tracing

Quickly identifying equipment and individuals in close contact with communicable diseases allows healthcare facilities to effectively contain the spread of infection without shutting down entire buildings or floors.

Contact Tracing - Problem

Eliminate the guesswork related to manual contact tracing

Exposure rates increase exponentially while staff spend precious time conducting interviews or reviewing manual logs. Self-reported data that relies on memory are also typically error-prone and cannot adequately document all recent interactions.

Contact Tracing - Solution

Create and review a contagion report within seconds

Conduct more informed risk assessments and implement the appropriate testing and quarantine protocols that won’t significantly impact resource availability or patient care. Isolating equipment used on infected individuals and knowing which rooms are contaminated enables targeted cleaning procedures that limit infection spread.

During a measles outbreak, we were able to quickly implement an effective communications strategy to those at risk.

— Texas Health Resources

Improve patient, staff, and visitor confidence in the safety of your medical facility

Reduce the spread of infection and decrease costs associated with hospital acquired infections.

Automated contact tracing provides data you can trust

Accurate contact tracing information is collected seamlessly in the background as your staff focuses on what matters most, providing high-quality care.

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Location Accuracy

CenTrak's Clinical-Grade Locating and rapid update speeds reliably capture the movement and interaction of equipment, patients, and staff within seconds.

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Complete IP Solution

Same system supports electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring, asset and medical scope management, as well as temperature and environmental monitoring.

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System Integrations

Maximize ROI with integration to Electronic Health Records, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, and other healthcare IT systems.

Automate your hospital's contact tracing procedures

Quickly review an accurate record of direct, secondary, and tertiary exposures with CenTrak.

  • Workflow Consulting
    Healthcare Consulting

    RTLS designed for optimal performance

    Based on your unique environment, we help you choose the most appropriate technology (Gen2IR, UHF, Wi-Fi, BLE, LF) and software configurations for your desired outcomes. Consulting and managed services programs are available to prescribe optimal workflow design and assist with ongoing maintenance activities.

  • Advanced Software
    Workflow - Map Playback

    Live map playback

    Review a live playback of movement within an area throughout a certain time period. Event responses, movement patterns, and times in specific rooms can be recreated. Users are also able to speed up or slow down the replay like an at-home DVR.

  • Contact History Reports
    Workflow - Contact History Reports

    Automated contact tracing reports

    CenTrak's contact tracing reports display the movements of staff, patients, and tagged equipment. Filter by location, timeframe, or individuals. The “others here” feature displays everyone who has entered that same room. Administrators can filter through each patient to see which rooms they went into and whom they interacted with. Data includes the exact length of time spent in the respective areas to calculate exposure. This information can be easily exported for detailed inspection and analysis.

  • RTLS Badges
    Workflow - Wearable Devices

    Purpose-built for healthcare

    CenTrak offers the largest selection of RTLS wearable devices including single-use patient tags, reusable staff badges, the smallest asset tags on the market, and devices designed for specialty use cases such as medical scope management.

  • Location Technology
    Safety - Gen2IR

    How it works

    For room, sub-room-, and bay-level locating, CenTrak devices utilize patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR) technology. Battery-powered Monitors and Virtual Walls transmit a unique location ID, which is received by any tag in that location - no line-of-sight required. The tag communicates its location ID via radio frequency (RF) to the CenTrak Server, where it can be streamed in real-time to the software application for actionable intelligence.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.