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Supporting you each step of the way

Making real-time technologies work for you is what we’re all about. We’ll help you keep all the components of your real-time solution running smoothly and ensure that your organization is successful in accomplishing your desired outcomes.

System Health

Be in the know and stay proactive

Any RTLS system requires proper maintenance. We are giving you all the necessary tools to effectively manage and maintain your CenTrak system. With an automated monitoring system, you can see at a glance if any of your installed devices, sensors, or tags require attention. Plus, with our Business Continuity solutions, you can ensure your RTLS system remains fully operational at all times. The system health tools include:

  • Connect Pulse™ system with dashboards and alerting
  • Pulse Mobile app on iOS and Android for on-the-go needs
  • High Availability services
  • Disaster Recovery services
Technical Support

We are here when you need us

RTLS solutions have become a mission-critical system in healthcare. Anything that impedes its accessibility can have an impact on ensuring patient and staff safety and the operational performance of healthcare operations. Our support team is ready to address your issues as rapidly, completely, and professionally as possible so there are no interruptions in your daily process. Technical support deliverables include:

  • Triaging support requests
  • Root-cause analysis to find the underlying issue, which could be hardware, software or process-related
  • Problem resolution and communication of necessary steps to resolve the issue
  • Analysis of support tickets to provide recommendations on any system or process changes
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Maintenance Services

Keep your system in its prime

It is no surprise that your RTLS system needs ongoing upkeep to stay at the highest levels of reliability. If your organization needs assistance with the proper maintenance of your RTLS system, we are here for you! No request is too big or too small. The most important thing is to keep your system in tip-top condition so it continues to generate value for your organization. Maintenance services deliverables include:

  • Battery replacement program
  • Infrastructure adjustments after remodeling
  • RTLS staff augmentation
  • RTLS system migration
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Managed Services

Let us take care of your system, so you can take care of your patients

We understand that taking care of your patients is the core of why your organization exists. However, to run healthcare operations smoothly, you also need support. Many healthcare organizations strategically decided to outsource the management of their RTLS program to RTLS experts so they can focus on their core mission. CenTrak's managed services deliverables include:

  • Full management of your RTLS system, down to battery replacement and tag cleaning
  • Change management
  • Use case expansion planning and execution
  • Value measurements and documenting ROI
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Find the right solution for your facility’s needs

With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.

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