Temperature Monitoring -- The Buzz at the 2011 ASHE Show

Temperature Monitoring The Buzz at the 2011 ASHE Show
We had so many great conversations with Hospital Administrators and Facilities Managers at the 2011 ASHE Show in Seattle, WA. A tremendous amount of hospitals are taking a serious look at temperature monitoring solutions and Real-Time Location Solutions as they plan for the future. Of all the topics we discussed, our Remote Temperature Monitoring solution was the hot subject among our booth visitors.

Hospitals are required to adhere to stringent temperature-monitoring standards for the hundreds of refrigerators and freezers they use to store life-saving medical resources like blood, pharmaceuticals, organs, vaccines, tissue samples and food. Healthcare organizations are now leveraging new technologies to automate the temperature-monitoring process, reduce human error, and better meet compliance requirements.

The CenTrak Temperature Monitoring solution can be installed as a stand-alone solution or combined as part of a full RTLS installation to include many more use cases including asset tracking, patient tracking, staff locating and much more. The CenTrak temperature monitoring solution is a proven and inexpensive means to monitor the temperature of life-saving medical resources. Additional benefits include:
  • Provides reliable and accurate wireless temperature sensing 24/7
  • Generate automated and detailed reports for any time period
  • Send alerts via email/SMS when temperature goes above or below set parameters
  • Customizable reporting rates down to a few seconds and high accuracy
  • NIST traceable calibration available
  • Long-lasting battery life

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CenTrak provides facilities with data-driven insights, creates a safe and efficient environment for staff, and enhances the healthcare experience for patients, residents, and their families.