Keep Patients Informed, Comfortable, and Safe with Location Services

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The patient experience that provides comfort and security makes being in the hospital feel a little closer to home.

CenTrak recently hosted an online event to discuss how Healthcare organizations are looking for innovative ways to keep patients informed, comfortable, and safe. Enterprise Location Services, leveraging RTLS technology, helps hospitals deliver on their goal for patients to receive the healthcare they need while enhancing their overall experience.

Location services have a wide array of uses and can be applied within numerous healthcare departments. Oftentimes, organizations begin deploying the technology in areas where the greatest impact on staff efficiency and patient care would be felt. Specifically, asset management, nurse call automation, hand hygiene compliance monitoring, patient locating, and integration with existing technologies such as an electronic whiteboard solution.

Watch this session on demand to hear firsthand how one HCA facility noted significant improvement in efficiency, workflow, and staff morale since implementing Enterprise Location Services. Patients and family members now experience a level of transparency with their caregiver that provides comfort, and staff always have the right information available to effectively treat and improve outcomes.

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