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Enterprise RTLS at Orange Park Medical Center

CenTrak's enterprise location services have helped Orange Park Medical Center, an HCA Hospital of the Future, deliver the most modern care and enhance the patient experience.

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Orange Park Medical Center
Orange Park Medical Center
Florida, USA

The Situation

Orange Park Medical Center (OPMC), an HCA Hospital of the Future, is a 317-bed facility located in Orange Park, Florida. As a Hospital of the Future, OPMC was looking for innovative ways to keep patients informed, comfortable, and safe. The hospital’s overall goal is for patients to receive the healthcare they need while enhancing their overall experience. Enterprise Location Services technology was believed to help OPMC deliver the most modern care with the best possible results. Location services have a wide array of use cases and can be applied within numerous departments. OPMC began deploying the technology in areas where the greatest impact on staff efficiency and patient care would be felt

The Solution

The initial deployment involved the placement of asset tags on the facility’s high-value mobile medical equipment, including 182 telemetry boxes. Through asset tracking and management, Orange Park was able to greatly reduce equipment loss, improve utilization and achieve optimal PAR-level management. CenTrak badges were also issued to staff members and the location data is streamed in real-time to the nurse call system. This enables the auto cancelation of patient calls upon staff entry into the room.

As a patient’s loved one, it’s very comforting to look up on that MyCare board and know exactly where they are especially during those difficult extended wait times.

- Danielle Updegraff, BSN, RN Director of Clinical Projects

Adopting real-time location solutions was not only benefiting staff workflow, but also the patients’ experience by introducing the location-enabled MyCare Board. This electronic whiteboard includes necessary information about any caregiver who enters the patient’s room and presents a history of what occurred between each caregiver, such as a status of medication administration or change in patient status.

With CenTrak’s certainty-based, room-level location technology already installed, Orange Park made the switch from direct observation, a.k.a. “secret shoppers”, to electronic hand hygiene monitoring. This allows for accurate reporting on staff member adherence to the facility’s hand hygiene compliance rules.

The Benefits

Orange Park noted significant improvement in efficiency, workflow, and staff morale since implementing Enterprise Location Services. OPMC can easily locate their equipment and know who is accountable for distribution and retrieval. CenTrak patient tags were also deployed giving OPMC the ability to provide families with the location and status of those dear to them and minimize worry, especially during surgical procedures. With the MyCare integration, families know exactly who is moving in and out of their loved one’s room during their absence. Patients and family members experience a level of transparency with their caregiver that provides comfort. CenTrak’s Hand Hygiene Monitoring solution enables the facility to accurately audit compliance, improve patient outcomes, reduce the spread of infections and lower operational costs. OPMC has experienced a noticeable spike in compliance after collecting thousands of observations, during all times of day, without any interruption to clinical workflow. The patient experience at Orange Park Medical provides the warmth, comfort, and security that makes being in the hospital feel a little closer to home.

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