E-Call Systems for Senior Living: 3 Things That Matter Most

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Senior living is a specialized subset of healthcare and not all technology applications will fit into a resident’s life as they would for someone receiving inpatient or outpatient care. That is why when selecting an Emergency Call (E-Call) system for your senior living community, you must closely evaluate the solution and the services provided by the vendor of choice. Here are the 3 things that matter most:

1. The Technology: Purpose-Built, Not Retrofitted

Senior living technologies should be tailored to the pain points and needs specific to their environment – allowing for independence and peace of mind to coexist. CenTrak’s TruView RTLS platform and emergency call system was purposefully created to support the entire continuum of senior care (independent living, assisted living, skilled care, memory care, etc.). We took our expertise from our decade+ in healthcare and updated our technologies and best practices to suit the needs of seniors and their communities (economical price point, accurate location data, use in open concept floorplans, ergonomic and comfortable wearables, etc.). This solution, and the team behind it, focus solely on solving some of senior living's most critical challenges while allowing residents to safely age in place.

2. The Partnership: Transform Your Community and Ensure Success

Senior Living operators often fall victim to transactional sales models that provide little to no proactive support or continuous relationships. This often leaves communities feeling like RTLS is too complex or not the right investment for their community. You will want to look for a partner who offers a service that ensures you are taking full advantage of the system and seeing the benefits. The TruView team has a unique offering – a dedicated Customer Experience Engineer (CEE), who not only ensures a flawless implementation process, but then coaches your staff on system operations, its numerous benefits, and how to engage residents to enhance user adoption.

This is more than a project management and training service; the CEE practice provides ongoing, frequent, consultation and communication with the community that ensures optimal system utilization and paves the way for product enhancements based on direct customer feedback. This partnership reinforces our long-term commitment to our clients' experience and enables the technology to fundamentally transform traditional senior living e-call and wander technology into a multi-faceted source of truth that can bridge people, processes, and technology.

With the CEE program's individualized practice, our goal is to become far more proactive in monitoring systems and incorporating tools necessary to "be the eyes" that most senior living communities just don't have. This is an entirely unique offering that goes far beyond what the market has grown accustomed to from an IoT partnership.

3. The IoT Platform: Scale and Future-Proof Your Investment

Aside from meeting basic emergency call requirements, you will want to look for a vendor that offers additional applications that are easily enabled. Deploying an all-in-one RTLS solution for senior living can not only enhance the resident experience, but staff satisfaction as well. TruView supports wander and roaming capabilities, contact tracing, asset tracking, and more – all on a single, cost-effective, and unified platform. The system provides accurate, real-time resident locations, countless integrations between disparate systems, and advanced analytics to help your community make better decisions. With the knowledge and actionable insights provided, your community can offer a fulfilling and safe experience for residents, staff, and families.

TruView is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to support senior living holistically, not solely from a technological standpoint. We move far past where similar vendors stop and turn the page to a new chapter; monitoring, communicating, consulting, building, and evolving. Together, we can provide true independence and quality care for our seniors.

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