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CenTrak specializes in locating and sensing services for healthcare. Our focus is delivering the who, where and what for our customers. Since CenTrak’s founding in 2007, over 7 million devices have been put in use, with contact tracing at the core of our solutions.

Containing Virus Outbreaks in Senior Living Communities

Senior Living has been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic and is faced with a monumental challenge of keeping their residents safe. If an outbreak occurs in a community, it is paramount that the virus be contained, and that origination is identified and localized – down to the exact locations the individual(s) were and with whom they have come in contact with. With the power of CenTrak’s TruView Location technology, senior living communities can manage risks and accurately respond to emergencies.

Evaluating Your Contact Tracing & Emergency Call Systems

Regardless of the size of the community or whether it is Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) - Senior Living providers should think twice about investing in one-off systems for contact tracing and look for platforms that can expand and add value. Using integrated Wireless Emergency Call, Staff Assist, Wander Management, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Asset Tracking (also known as Equipment Management) with contact tracing built in, should provide certainty, be affordable and easily deployed. In a nutshell, Senior Living providers should demand more from their Emergency Call Systems.

Contact Tracing with CenTrak’s TruView™

With CenTrak’s TruView™, a complete system is delivered with the silver lining of Enterprise Locating Technology. TruView™ expands on the current concept of a common “Emergency Network” for senior living communities with certainty-based location. Knowing the location of people and things within a community opens possibilities for operational efficiencies and creates a safer environment for residents.

TruView’s complete Senior Living system includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor wireless campus coverage
  • Safest and most reliable alert delivery network
  • Industry’s most accurate location technology
  • Wireless emergency call for both residents and staff
  • Wander management and prevention with door lock integration and campus-wide alerting
  • Built-in contact tracing
  • Advanced analytics of resident trends and automatic recording of ADLs
  • Purpose-built application with an elegant user interface accessible from any web browser
  • Caregiver mobile app for emergency alert response and recorded resolution
  • Integration to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other building systems

To date, senior living communities have been forced to use solutions made without them in mind. CenTrak created TruView™ specifically to serve the underserved senior living community.

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