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TruView™ Senior Living Location System

There is a critical need for enhanced resident safety and increased caregiver efficiencies across Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Care, Memory Care/Adult Daycare, and Behavioral Health. TruView provides wireless emergency call, wander management, asset tracking, and contact tracing all on a single, cost-effective, unified platform.

Demand more from your e-call system and support the total continuum of care with TruView™

Convert your community’s existing emergency call budget with accurate and meaningful location data. Wireless resident alerting to ensure safety, improve workflow and provide the ability to accurately locate people in duress with immediacy.

TruView - Problem

Costly and inaccurate location technology is a thing of the past

Traditionally, most location technologies available for senior living only provide estimated location data or are considered too costly to implement. In an emergency, every second counts, and without accurate information, responding staff are often left guessing between floors and rooms – delaying critical resident care.

TruView - Solution

Meet CenTrak's TruLocation™ Technology

CenTrak’s TruView system is UL 2560 certified and designed specifically for the needs and requirements of Senior Communities to deliver an advanced Emergency Call System – all with the underpinning of sophisticated location awareness. TruView's emergency alerting system for the elderly offers the highest location accuracy to support wander management, contact tracing, asset tracking, and duress response.

TruView has been easy to use, the pendants offer enhanced durability, and the location accuracy has been spot-on.

— Lisa Richofsky, Assistant General Manager, The Hamilton

See the impact of TruView RTLS for senior living

Empower residents to enjoy all the community has to offer, while maintaining their safety and independence.

IoT your nurse call with a comprehensive real-time location system

TruView brings healthcare’s industry-leading RTLS performance, power, and efficiency to senior living communities. Enable resource-constrained teams to be more efficient and focused on what matters most – their residents

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Emergency Call

CenTrak's UL 2560 certified emergency call system provides the safest and most reliable alert delivery network. Residents receive peace of mind that an alarm has been received and help is on the way with real-time haptic feedback.

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Wander & Roaming

Indoor and outdoor roaming, wander management (door lock integration), and geofencing alerts. Flexibility to adjust access at the individual level based on risk or time of day. Seniors deserve quality care & freedom, TruView works hard to provide both.

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Contact Tracing

View a complete history of any infected residents, their interactions, the duration of their contact, and the precise location of the visit. Conduct more informed risk assessments and implement quarantine protocols that won’t impede care.

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Asset Tracking

Improve resident care and staff efficiency by quickly locating mobile equipment. Alleviate redundant interactions by verifying any vital assets within a room, such as a lift assist, prior to entering resident spaces for the first time.

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CenTrak offers the industry’s most accurate location technology, capable of capturing resident movement and their precise location within seconds. Ensure an immediate response to emergency calls and wander events before it's too late.

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Advanced Analytics

Actionable intelligence of resident ADLs to detect when behavior falls outside of the norm. Reduce manual documentation with active care time reports, interaction logs, alert history, and alert response details - view when your staff is in highest demand.

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Automated documentation via EMR integrations and real-time alerting from various building system connections such as nurse call, fall detection pressure pads, smoke detectors, and more. Alert delivery to your preferred device - computers, mobile phones, tablets, and pagers.

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Simple Installation

Guided tour of certified installation process with real-time feedback during setup to confirm all infrastructure devices have been properly configured, providing senior communities immediate assurance that their system has been accurately installed.

An economical solution purpose-built for senior living

Disparate systems from multiple vendors often lack cost efficiencies, robust product features, and streamlined system management and communications. CenTrak TruView further expands life safety systems, like emergency call and wander management, to include comprehensive features for efficient care management such as asset tracking, contact tracing, and more. Seamless integration with EHR and various Building Systems further maximizes ROI.

  • Community Map Views
    TruView - Map View

    Elegantly designed software purpose-built for senior living communities

    TruView’s web-based software application hosts alarm notifications on workstations and provide purposeful map views.

    • Map view of campus, building, and floor levels
    • Quick search to find a specific resident, staff, or asset anywhere on campus including outdoor locations
    • Admin ability to view all staff/residents
    • Optional privacy feature to disable live location search functionality for specific users
  • Resident and Staff Alerts
    TruView - Alerts

    Immediate and reliable life-safety notifications tailored to each resident's needs

    Real-time alert notifications from TruView can be delivered via SMS, email, the Caregiver Alert mobile application, computer workstations, and paging devices. Built-in alert escalation ensures alarms are never missed. Escalation levels can range from individuals to campus-wide alerts.

    Alert types include:

    • Emergency call - wireless pendant press from anywhere on campus and at fixed pull cord stations
    • Roaming - enable off-limit areas for individuals or resident groups with a single click and no additional hardware
    • Wander and loiter - includes door lock and elevator control integrations
    • System supervision - low battery/lost communication
    • Integrated building systems - centralize your alerts from fire alarms, fall detection pressure pads, and more
  • Mobile Applications
    TruView - Mobile App

    Intuitive mobile applications (Android and iOS)

    TruView Alert Manager:

    • Quickly view resident alert details and their exact location
    • Tap to respond, request additional assistance, or identify a medical emergency
    • Easily log reason codes directly into the system
    • Analyze care time, average response times, escalations, and event histories


    • Quickly search for any resident, staff member, or asset
    • Automated check-in reports based on resident movement
    • Built-in contact tracing reports
    • Filterable list view and summary report of equipment inventory
    • Assign or change Geo pendant information from anywhere
  • Geo Pendants
    TruView - Geo Pendants

    Haptic feedback on resident wearables lets them know that help is on the way

    With haptic feedback technology, the Geo pendant is the only wearable device in senior living to provide acknowledgment (vibration/LED) and the assurance that the network has successfully received the device’s urgent message.

    The CenTrak Geo is lightweight and compactly designed for comfortable everyday wear. Its large, recessed button was developed with seniors in mind and helps to prevent false alarms. A secondary button, located on the side of the pendant, is used for canceling events. This waterproof (IPX7) device comes in black or white and is compatible with various attachment styles including wristband, pendant, and belt clip.

  • System Technology
    TruView - Technology

    Create a safe and aware environment for residents and staff

    The Clear Network is a long-range, closed wireless mesh network dedicated to supporting CenTrak’s TruView System and communicating emergencies or simple location changes. This on-premise system provides local alarms to ensure reliable emergency alerts without dependency on an Internet connection.

    • Routes duress notifications with the highest level of urgency and finds the fastest route.
    • Self-healing network - if needed, information will be automatically redirected.
    • LTE Network behind a firewall provides redundant cloud access for live backups and secure communications (alert manager application, text messaging, email, paging devices), as well as secure system access from anywhere.
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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.