Asset Tracking and Management to Support COVID-19 Treatment

Ventilator with Asset Tag scaled
With the rapid surge in COVID-19 positive cases, CenTrak understands the importance of real-time availability and safety of life-saving medical devices, such as ventilators. We are proud to offer our customers and the healthcare community an efficient workflow to quickly locate and identify the status of critical medical equipment. Below you will find a summary of how IoT technology is being utilized to support current asset tracking and management challenges related to COVID-19 and subsequent patient surges. Key Advantages
  • Quick search of clean, ready-to-use equipment
  • Contact tracing of equipment via location history reports and DVR functionality.
  • Monitoring equipment in quarantine rooms
  • Efficient soiled equipment management
  • Minimizing perceived shortages due to lack of location visibility.
  • Locating rented and loaned equipment in a timely manner to facilitate transfers to other hospitals and eventual returns.
List of Critical Medical Devices While CenTrak cannot ascertain all devices that may be required, the following categories are commonly utilized for the treatment of COVID-19.
Infusion Pumps Isolation Carts
BiPAP/CPAP machines CVVH/CRRT Dialysis Machines
Ventilators Feeding Pumps
Specialty Beds (RotoProne) Heart Monitors
Additionally, the quick availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), like PAPR and portable HEPA filters, is critical in keeping healthcare workers safe and physically able to perform patient care, while minimizing the risk of further infection spread. How it Works CenTrak’s clinical-grade infrastructure can be used for multiple use cases, including asset tracking/management. This network provides 100% room-level accuracy for true workflow automation. We also offer a multi-mode option that leverages the hospital's existing Wi-Fi network to provide the approximate location of a device within a zone (building, floor, department). The location accuracy can then be enhanced to clinical-grade in strategic areas, such as Equipment Storage, with the use of Gen2IR-enabled monitors. The system enables users to quickly search for devices using attributes such as device category, make/manufacturer, serial numbers, usage status etc.

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