TruView "Roaming" Feature for Sundown Syndrome Management

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Aging is an unavoidable part of life. As loved ones grow older, we want to ensure they are taken care of. Senior living communities are quite popular for this reason. There are different types of communities, such as independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care. No matter the setting, family members want peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and cared for. As residents age in place, each type of senior living community must plan to mitigate wandering risks and quickly respond in the event of an emergency to protect residents.

Medical professionals and other staff members are onsite around the clock to ensure resident safety. Many communities also install an emergency call system so residents can enjoy their independence with peace of mind. Emergency call, or e-call systems, are designed to alert staff members when a resident needs assistance. Traditional e-call systems are typically pull-cord mechanisms affixed to a stationary location. Emergencies can happen anywhere, and if the resident is not near a pull cord, they run the risk of not being able to communicate their urgent need to staff. CenTrak’s TruView™ system bridges that gap. Residents are gifted a sleek, comfortable geo-pendant that can be worn as a bracelet, belt clip, or pendant. This wearable makes the e-call system accessible at all times, from anywhere within the community – including outdoor locations if desired. Residents no longer need to worry about calling for help, because if they should need it, it is only a button press away.

What makes this mobile e-call system so powerful is the use of accurate location data. When the pendant button is pushed, an alert including the name of the resident requesting assistance and their location is automatically sent to staff members. Thanks to the advanced locating feature, TruLocation, staff members can quickly and easily see the resident on a map and pinpoint their exact position, allowing for quicker response times and enhanced safety. The use of TruLocation also takes the complexity of cross-training out of the equation. If a staff member needs to cover for someone in another section of the community or at a different site, they are easily caught up to speed with the software. TruView directs substitute staff to the correct location and person without wasting any time.

Installing an e-call system with built-in real-time location capabilities can also greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized wandering. Sundown syndrome and dementia make it difficult for seniors to age in place. New challenges present themselves such as wandering throughout the day, but mainly at night, as their perception of the two switch. CenTrak’s TruView system takes these concerns into account. Another feature of the mobile e-call system that communities can enable with a simple click in the TruView software is ‘Roaming’. Roaming goes beyond traditional e-call and wander prevention (automated door locking). If a resident begins to wander outside of predetermined boundaries, it will send a real-time alert to the nearest caregiver. For example, if a resident is roaming towards the kitchen during off hours, or towards another resident’s room, an alert is sent to staff members, so they are able to quickly intervene. With TruView’s roaming feature, expensive door locking hardware and the feeling of resident “lockdown” are unnecessary. The robust data collection provided by this system can also help to identify increasing trends in roaming events, which may suggest a higher level of care is needed. The TruView difference is thanks to TruLocation.

Seniors deserve quality care and freedom. TruView works hard to provide both. Because the mobile e-call system provides precise location data, roaming bridges the gap of early onset dementia, supporting a single resident throughout their stay with your community while supporting their personal independence and delivering awareness and safety for your community.

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