Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections Card
Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are a major concern for our nation’s healthcare system. Recently, CBS news in Atlanta had reported hundreds of patients and employees at Emory University Hospital were exposed to tuberculosis (TB). Over about a five-month span, 680 patients and approximately 100 employees had been in contact with the infected employee. Now, hospital and state officials must proactively screen and treat all of these affected individuals as needed:

Now just imagine if that hospital had a Real-Time Location System installed that could deliver 100% location accuracy and real-time information to know precisely whom was in the same room with this employee. Also, think how much easier it would now be on the hospital and the state of Georgia if a reliable RTLS Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring system had been in place. Such a system would have provided the evidence that this employee had (or had not) been hand-hygiene compliant to avoid excessive TB exposure to hospital patients and staff.

CenTrak is uniquely positioned to help address HAIs. The CenTrak Hand Hygiene Compliance technology provides a cost-effective means of automatically monitoring and capturing compliance and noncompliance events 24/7: CenTrak Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

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