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Sanctuary care at Rye™, focused on residents with cognitive impairment and memory loss, leverages advanced location services to improve resident care and security.

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Sanctuary Care
Sanctuary Care at Rye
New Hampshire, USA

The Situation

Sanctuary Care at Rye is a 56-bed long-term care community that focuses on residents with mild to moderate cognitive impairment and memory loss. Utilizing the Family CareSpace social technology platform, Sanctuary Care is able to connect loved ones in the community with family and friends, foster transparent care and improve staff effectiveness. Security cameras provided limited areas of visibility and did not allow caregivers to quickly react to dangerous situations such as falls or wandering.

    The Solution

    The long-term care center wanted to allow residents the freedom to move around the community while providing families peace-of-mind that their loved ones are happy and safe.

    We wanted to develop something that would help seniors and improve visibility for family and friends. Family CareSpace with CenTrak’s technology enables Sanctuary Care to provide the ultimate resident experience.

    - Jonathan McCoy, President and Founder

    To ensure the safety and security of their residents, while also being able to provide them with the freedom to interact with others and take advantage of amenities the community has to offer, Sanctuary Care implemented Family CareSpace, which utilizes CenTrak’s clinical-grade visibility technology. This cost-effective and simple platform enables each resident to move around as they please.

    Family CareSpace has integrated CenTrak with existing mobile and tablet streaming technology, allowing family members real-time visibility of their loved ones. Worldwide, family members can see where in the community-specific residents are at all times and can even, upon approval, receive streamed photos and videos directly to their computer or mobile device.

    The Benefits

    Within 6 months after implementing CenTrak’s solution, Sanctuary Care has filled the community and accrued a healthy waiting list. Family members love the improved visibility and knowledge that staff can quickly and easily locate residents, preventing hazardous situations. Wandering residents can be respectfully redirected before traveling too far out-of-bounds, avoiding awkward encounters and dangerous situations.

    The increased visibility improved staff operational workflow and minimized the amount of time wasted searching the community looking for a specific person - allowing staff to spend more time interacting and caring for their residents. Additionally, managing care schedules became more simplified and efficient due to staff knowledge of the residents’ precise location.

    Sanctuary Care has also seen a significant improvement with staff effectiveness after implementing Family CareSpace. Caregivers can be easily located when needed for adjustments or to address immediate needs within the community. Furthermore, staff can quickly summon help to their location utilizing the staff-alert feature.

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