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Wander Management at Samaritan Village Senior Living

Samaritan Village Improves Resident Care and Staff Efficiency through the use of Location Technology

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Samaritan Village
Samaritan Village
California, USA

The Situation

Samaritan Village in Hughson, California is a stand-alone, not-for-profit senior living community that offers its residents a variety of lifestyle options, ranging from independent living, to assisted and residential living. Staff and caregivers required a system that could maintain security for community members while preserving their independence. Residents needed a system that was flexible enough to serve their varying needs and adjust as these needs change over time. Ultimately, the senior care community wanted to provide residents and their loved ones with the peace-of-mind that caregivers can quickly react to dangerous situations while empowering community members to utilize the facility’s resources without the sense of being on “lockdown”.

    The Solution

    Samaritan Village selected CenTrak’s resident security solution that incorporates real-time location system (RTLS) technology. Residents and caregivers receive unobtrusive, light-weight badges that they wear around the community. Unlike other systems which only send alerts when a resident nears a restricted or dangerous area, CenTrak’s system also provides the current location of all community members in real time.

    My badge is very important to me. I carry it with me all the time because I just feel secure. I know I can get help if I needed it.

    - Joyce Philabaum, Community Resident

    Staff can adjust an individual resident’s access to different areas and instantly locate a community member if they need to be gently redirected to a more appropriate space. If at any time, a resident requires assistance, a simple button press on their badge will immediately alert caregivers of their exact location to enable a prompt response.

    The Benefits

    After the implementation of the CenTrak resident security solution at Samaritan Village, the community’s response was overwhelmingly positive. Residents enjoy the freedom of moving around the campus without fear of injury. While family members feel at ease in the fact that their loved ones can easily be located anywhere in the community and that staff can quickly respond to falls or other hazardous situations.

    Soon after implementation, Samaritan Village also realized the benefits their system had on caregiver workflow efficiency. The reporting capabilities regarding the real-time location and movement of staff has allowed the community to analyze methods of operation and search for possible improvements. The process enhancements made since the installation of the CenTrak system has enabled caregivers to go into a resident’s home and focus more on the support and treatment they need.

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