Utilizing Location Technology to Help Protect Healthcare Staff

For Elise Wilson, it was just another day at her job as a nurse in the emergency room at a Massachusetts hospital. Suddenly, a man viciously attacked her, stabbing the 65-year-old and causing life-threatening injuries.

Wilson survived, but her sad story calls attention to a need that often goes under the radar in hospitals — protection for the staff. Wilson’s experience is hardly an isolated incident. Hospitals are places where emotions run high, and this can lead to violent encounters between nurses, physicians, first responders and patients.

The best way to address these situations is prevention. If a violent episode is detected, the proper personnel should be alerted, and they can step in quickly to stop things from escalating. Finding an effective and efficient solution to assist hospital staff during a confrontation before it escalates is a growing priority for administrators who know what a challenging environment their employees work in.

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Implementing the Latest Technology for Hospital Staff Protection

What can be done to increase the safety of healthcare staff and respond if a duress situation arises? Implementing a real-time staff duress solution can assist with such needs. These systems rely on the healthcare industry’s most accurate real-time location technology with fully integrated alerting capabilities to notify the appropriate personnel as soon as a problem occurs.

This can help keep patients as well as staff safe during a confrontation or other threatening situations. Nurses and other security personnel can send a panic alert discretely, without calling attention to the action. All they need to do is press a button on their badge, and the proper personnel will be informed immediately. Having the alert signal on their person makes a huge difference, too. There’s no maneuvering in a tense environment to find the button or cord. It’s easily accessible even in the most terrifying of moments.

Other benefits of using an automated staff duress solution include:

  • Instant location: The tracking device gives the responder an instant and accurate location of the person under duress, allowing help to be deployed faster.
  • Patients don’t know help has been called: An agitated person may grow more aggressive if they know help is on the way. They will never know that the alert has been triggered.
  • Customizable settings: Hospitals can set up the system in a manner that will best suit them. They can customize various parts of the solution to get the most out of the technology.

Protect Hospital Staff with CenTrak Security Solutions

Hospital employees work hard to save lives and improve quality of care every day. While they concentrate on assisting patients, they need to know that they are protected. CenTrak Security Solutions can meet that need and more. Offering staff members this sort of peace of mind allows them to better concentrate on the task at hand.

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