CenTrak Announces OnDemandOrder

The web-based solution streamlines distribution, staff requests, and PAR level

Newtown, PA – December 15, 2020 – CenTrak has announced the availability of OnDemandOrder, a centralized portal for managing requests for mobile medical equipment and other support services across the healthcare enterprise. The portal can be used as a standalone SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution or incorporated into a more robust RTLS (real-time location system) that uses a combination of sensors and software to automate procurement when supplies run low.

“OnDemandOrder makes hospital equipment more readily available, reducing bottlenecks and inefficient workflows that can cause unnecessary frustration among patients and staff,” said Todd Stewart, Vice President, Enterprise Workflow Solutions, CenTrak. “It makes it possible for care teams and administrators to devote more focus to the patient experience, versus the logistics that come with running a healthcare facility. This a prime example of non-clinical, location-based technology transforming the quality and consistency of patient care.”

The portal is accessible on web browsers as well as a mobile application and enables a variety of use cases for healthcare employees. For clinicians, it offers a convenient tool for submitting requests for equipment and support. The ordering tool’s user interface is designed to mimic the online consumer shopping experience and features configurable product categories, such as PPE (personal protective equipment) and environmental services. It allows staff to designate a level of urgency to each request and view the real-time status of their orders, which are automatically routed to delivery teams and prioritized for fulfillment.

OnDemandOrder also automates regular work assignments related to inventory management, including PAR level replenishment and the retrieval of soiled equipment. Supply chain managers and other healthcare administrators can use the system’s backend to monitor PAR levels in real-time and use its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to identify inefficient workflows or inventory utilization.

“Our team has taken full advantage of the OnDemandOrder platform. Nurses in particular appreciate being able to quickly submit and track requests for mobile medical devices from any location on the floor,” said Brian Reed, Director, Centralized Patient Services, Upstate University Hospital. “From an administrative standpoint, we can analyze where and when high-demand mobile medical devices are being used and adjust inventory levels accordingly. Despite being extremely simple to use, OnDemandOrder has greatly improved equipment availability and worker productivity and made it easier for all of us to support patient needs.”

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