CenTrak Launches the Next Generation of the TruView™ Platform and Receives UL 2560 Certification

CenTrak’s technology expansion developed to meet the safety needs of Senior Living communities

Newtown, PA – November 3, 2022 – CenTrak unveils the expansion of TruView’s wander management capabilities to include unique roaming alert features and announces the platform’s emergency call system has met the rigorous safety standards and testing required by the UL 2560 certification process.

As wander management remains a significant concern in senior care communities, CenTrak’s new roaming feature allows staff to create virtual restrictions for residents who may have unique proclivities, with a one-click custom roaming profile. To maintain resident satisfaction and safety without the need to install costly doorway locking mechanisms, roaming alerts designate off-limit spaces for specific individuals. These features do not omit the full benefits of wander-focused systems but offer an immediate notification with reduced noise pollution and disruption.

“As the only provider of a certainty-based real-time location system that’s specifically designed for Senior Living, we’re thrilled to introduce the next step in the TruView platform offerings and further serve the needs of the senior community,” said Deric Blattenberger, CenTrak’s General Manager of Senior Care. “The most important beneficiaries of the UL 2560 certification are the residents. This certification is specifically focused on the health and safety needs that will better assist residents in achieving greater mobility and independence without sacrificing immediate access to medical attention.”

CenTrak continues to listen to the industry and expand the role of its technology to meet any unsolved needs.


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