CenTrak Launches Digital Wayfinding

CenTrak Maps boasts customizable features to assist patients, staff, and visitors including route suggestions, points-of-interest, and turn-by-turn navigation

May 18, 2021 (Newtown, PA) — CenTrak today announced the availability of CenTrak Maps, an interactive wayfinding platform designed to help patients, visitors, and staff navigate complex healthcare facilities. Indoor and outdoor mapping with digital navigation can reduce missed appointments and scheduling delays, increase the speed of emergency services, and alleviate the unnecessary stress caused by visiting an unfamiliar facility.

“Consumers expect convenience and service at the touch of a button, and as healthcare becomes more competitive, the line between patient and customer continues to blur. CenTrak Maps helps healthcare leaders meet consumer expectations efficiently and in a clinical context,” said David Minning, president and CEO, CenTrak. “The organizations we support have told us time and again that patient experience is their top priority. As such, CenTrak has focused its efforts on developing a digital wayfinding solution that is simple to implement, quick to launch, and incredibly cost-effective.”

CenTrak Maps offers digital maps featuring highlighted routes and detailed points of interest. System administrators have the ability to create custom pathways, such as employee-only access, or routes for patients and visitors that avoid stairs, quarantine areas, closures, outdoor travel, and more. Users can save their parking location upon arrival and securely share their location with others.

Designed to streamline implementation and minimize costs, Maps is accessible on mobile and desktop web browsers, electronic kiosks, and the CenTrak Maps mobile app, available for free in the App Store and Google Play. Healthcare teams can also add QR codes to traditional signage, eliminating the need to install location-sensing hardware, such as Bluetooth beacons.

A more advanced option, CenTrak Maps+, embeds wayfinding into a healthcare organization’s digital infrastructure. When Maps+ is integrated with an RTLS (real-time location system), it provides real-time updates and turn-by-turn navigation. EMR/EHR integrations help patients prepare for their appointments by providing parking recommendations, driving directions, and on-site navigation details within automated appointment reminders. Healthcare organizations can connect the solution to existing mobile applications or design a custom, white-label version of the CenTrak app.

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