CenTrak Expands RTLS Wi-Fi Offerings and Multi-Mode Capabilities

Enhanced Locating and Environmental Monitoring Solutions for Faster Time-to-Value, Easier Install, and Smaller Wi-Fi Compatible Tags

Newtown, PA – March 30, 2023 – CenTrak today announced the launch of the Selective Certainty Solution within its Multi-Mode (MM) offering for asset tracking and management. Selective Certainty provides new and existing customers a low-cost, limited infrastructure option that leverages Wi-Fi networks from a variety of top providers, such as Cisco Systems, HPE Aruba Networking, and Juniper Networks. Healthcare facilities will benefit from faster time-to-value and gain zonal-level locating, as well as room-level certainty within chosen areas, without the need to pull cables for additional network infrastructure.

“In the fast-paced healthcare environment, hospitals require top solutions that are easier to implement, more cost-effective, and provide immediate benefits to workflows and ROI,” says Crystal Ryan, chief commercial officer, at CenTrak. “Healthcare staff across the country are in need of support, and our new offering simplifies processes and gives hospitals of all sizes the additional insight required for patient care.”

To further enhance the Multi-Mode system and support the tracking and management of valuable healthcare assets, CenTrak is introducing its fourth generation of the environmental monitoring sensor and releasing Mini Multi-Mode Asset Tags. These developments provide versatility and functionality on CenTrak’s UHF network and within Wi-Fi coverage. With improvements over the previous generation, the new version of the environmental monitoring sensor provides a longer battery life, two-way Wi-Fi communications to enable over-the-air configuration and firmware upgrades, and a simplified product portfolio.

The new Mini Multi-Mode Asset Tag offers an IP67 water resistance rating, supports WPA2 Enterprise protocols for improved security, features low frequency sensors for choke point detection, and incorporates a configurable button for additional workflow capabilities. As mobile medical equipment continues to shrink in size, the mini tag’s compact design and smaller footprint significantly expands asset management options.

With CenTrak, healthcare facilities can reap the benefits of quality asset management, clinical workflow automation, and environmental monitoring through an even easier implementation process. This cost-effective offering and low-touch installation process enable hospital administration to leverage the generated location data for immediate workflow enhancements, as well as future analysis, to further maximize ROI.

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