Service Offerings to Awarepoint Customers

CenTrak Expands IoT Location and Sensing Services to Awarepoint Customers

KLAS Category Leader for RTLS promotes further IoT technology adoption to streamline healthcare delivery and improve the patient experience

Newtown, PA, June 27, 2018) CenTrak announced today the transfer of select assets of Awarepoint to its subsidiary Clinical Patents LLC (CPLLC). The transfer of assets will further expand CenTrak’s market-leading IoT Location and Sensing services with the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor technology. The transfer includes over twenty patents, many which are focused on mobile device locating and enhancing the accuracy and performance of traditional BLE systems. For existing Awarepoint customers, resources are in place to offer service and support. Awarepoint engineering and technical support personnel have been hired by CPLLC to ensure continuity of support. Awarepoint customers can speak with dedicated resources regarding conversion and upgrade options and report technical support issues. Please visit or call 215-860-2928 x336 for details.

Awarepoint technology has been installed in hundreds of prominent hospitals and clinics throughout North America, leveraging hundreds of thousands of IoT sensors and tags. CenTrak now has access to key technology features, including mobile device locating to supplement CenTrak’s Connect™ platform, where it can be synthesized with the other technologies CenTrak already supports, including: Wi-Fi, Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™), UHF Active RFID, Low Frequency, Passive RFID, BLE and Advanced Ultrasound (IRUS™). The combination of these technologies will further expand the breadth of use cases which can be addressed using healthcare’s leading provider of Enterprise-class Location and Sensing Services.

“We are excited and hopeful that this transaction will help to further standardize quality Location and Sensory services in healthcare,” said CenTrak’s President and CEO, Ari Naim. “This IoT technology is improving workflow efficiencies and generating cost reductions, while enhancing patient care. Our scalable platform and vast ecosystem of Solution Providers and Systems Integrators enable customers to easily deploy the technology throughout their entire facility for maximum utility benefit.”


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