Wendy Little, Vice President, Business Transformation

Wendy Little CenTrak VP of Business Transformation

Wendy has successfully led product innovation and continuous improvement (CI) programs with a focus on project management, engineering, and product design. She has worked closely with c-suite and business unit leaders to map business goals, identify, and mitigate risks, and inspire teams to deliver significant improvements in quality, cost, and performance. At CenTrak, Wendy will guide the organization toward greater operational efficiency and commercial growth through the implementation of a continuous improvement culture. Under Wendy’s leadership and by fostering a mindset of relentless enhancement, CenTrak is poised to become a beacon of process excellence, where innovation thrives hand in hand with streamlined operations.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Texas State University and specializes in Process Improvement methodologies to transform business performance (Six Sigma, Lean, 80/20 Simplification, Agile Product Development, Lean Start Up).