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Enhance your RTLS program with these simple add-ons

CenTrak's scalable location services platform is designed to enhance your RTLS program. As many of our clients and facilities nationwide have encountered a significant increase in staffing shortages, critical patients, and workplace violence, we want to make it easy for your organization to take full advantage of your existing technology investments.

Asset and Rental Management

Asset and Rental Management Add-Ons

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Detail Enhance RTLS Asset Tags

CenTrak’s Activate software offers a purpose-built rental workflow module specifically designed to automate the intake and return process for all rental equipment. You may already have visibility to where the equipment is located, but now you can also proactively manage the rental return process to avoid expensive excess charges post-patient use. This recently enhanced add-on feature is available today and can be deployed to your CenTrak application quickly and efficiently.

The OnDemandOrder application is also available to help your clinicians get the equipment and services they need more quickly, so that they can help more patients. With this web-based software and mobile app, users can submit and track equipment & service requests from anywhere on the floor, while requests are immediately routed to delivery teams and prioritized for fulfillment. With the RTLS system you already have in place, OnDemandOrder will also automatically keep track of inventory par levels and generate refill orders for the equipment team as needed. This powerful tool includes robust analytics which provides opportunities to adjust future inventory levels according to where and when mobile medical devices are needed most.

For current clients utilizing the IT-713 Asset Tag, CenTrak is offering discount pricing on upgrading to the Mini and Micro form factors. With this enhanced hardware design, your teams can now easily attach a location tag to smaller medical equipment, quickly change tag batteries (no screws to remove), and simplify cleaning procedures. Contact us for verification of system compatibility.

Supercharge your workforce productivity:
Staff Duress

Staff Duress via CenTrak Nurse Call Automation Platform

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Detail Enhance RTLS Staff Badge

Did you know that the staff badge already being worn to support automatic nurse call cancellations can also be configured to provide a staff duress solution with a simple software add-on? In the case of a duress situation, staff members push a button on their badge which sends a discreet alert to security for assistance. The alert includes the location of the person in duress and provides real-time movement updates.

Hospitals using CenTrak infrastructure for staff workflow automation are already enabled with the clinical-grade location needed to introduce this safety solution.

Business Continuity Solutions

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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Crucial use cases like staff duress, patient safety, environmental monitoring, and workflow automation have become increasingly important over the years, and we are here to ensure that they remain in continuous operation, while you focus your efforts on patient care. CenTrak's business continuity offerings provide redundancy and system backups in the event of failures, disasters, or even hospital network attacks that impact CenTrak systems.

Connect Core™ Server High Availability
Fault-tolerant server, software, and network services solution. Downtime is generally invisible to end users and other connected systems. Automatically monitors the health of the production Core server and enables synchronization to the always-on backup Core server with automated failover and a robust failback procedure. With CenTrak’s HA solution, there is minimal to no data loss in the event of any server, software, or network failure.

Connect Core™ Server Disaster Recovery

Restore data and system functionality after irrecoverable damage. Setup and services beyond typical traditional server backup routines. A set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and tools that support recovery of the CenTrak Connect Core RTLS server after suffering an irrecoverable loss due to natural disasters, long-term power or network outages, and cyber-attacks or viruses. This solution also supports the automatic reconfiguration of CenTrak’s Star Network once a disaster recovery server is brought online. Optional services for yearly SOP review and mock recovery testing are also available.

Keep your critical workflows operational:
CenTrak Engage

Expert-Led Consulting and Training Services

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Detail Enhance RTLS Consulting

Are you just beginning your RTLS journey, looking to gain additional value from your current system, needing assistance on post-go-live maintenance and change management, and/or evaluating a new RTLS project to solve clinical and operational challenges at your facility? CenTrak Engage was designed by our team of clinical consultants, hospital operations experts, and business analysts to offer you practical guidance for achieving operational efficiency, higher safety standards, and the ultimate patient experience through real-time technologies.

  • Assess – Providing you with a strategic roadmap to RTLS success via stakeholder interviews, value (ROI) and use case assessments, comprehensive project plans, operational models, and a 3 to 5-year financial budget.
  • Readiness - Targeted consulting to ensure your staff is fully prepared with custom internal and external communication plans, training tools, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), process gap analysis, and process change recommendations.
  • Transform - Deriving key insights and documenting the value of your RTLS investment through identified KPIs, ongoing system performance analysis for proactive recommendations, and quarterly management reports.

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