The Most Accurate Real-Time Location System in Australia

Real Time Location System in Australia

Using the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak improves both the quality of patient care as well as healthcare operational workflow. CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Locating™ technology supports both sub-room level accuracy and high velocity updates across the entire healthcare enterprise. CenTrak has streamlined workflows, driven higher staff and patient satisfaction, increased productivity and reduced costs in over 850 world-renowned healthcare facilities, including those in Australia and New Zealand.

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Why Choose RTLS from CenTrak?

While other solutions on the market estimate distance, Centrak segments spaces into clinically meaningful zones, uniquely delivering exact location data in hallway segments, nursing stations, bays, beds, rooms, and all other related workflow areas. CenTrak’s RTLS platform utilizes patented Second Generation IR (Gen2IR™), which is recognized as the ideal Clinical-Grade Locating technology.  With tags that can sense Gen2IR from all directions, even under clothing or blankets, Gen2IR is not limited by line-of-site requirements and will not pass through walls.

most accurate rtls in healthcare

  • Clinical-Grade Locating™ – Clinical-Grade Locating, which is defined as certainty-based (100% accurate) bay-, bed-, room-, and even shelf-level locating, is a requirement for automating healthcare workflow applications. This level of precision also demands the RTLS platform to provide quick location and condition update speeds to accurately capture interactions between staff, patients and equipment within seconds.
  • Interoperability – Open location platform for seamless integration with both new and existing applications such as Capacity Management, Electronic Health Records, Nurse Call, Asset Management, Bed Management, Hand Hygiene Compliance, and Computerized Maintenance Management.
  • Multi-Mode Technology – Maximize ROI and future-proof investment with a unique combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Low Frequency RF, UHF Active RFID, CenTrak’s Gen2IR, Wi-Fi, and other technologies.
  • Reliability – To ensure critical status, location, and condition updates are delivered to the application level, tags and devices are equipped with long-lasting batteries. 24/7 visibility into the system’s health is provided by enterprise-class monitoring.
  • Easy Installation – In patient care areas, the installation of our cable-free devices does not require the deployment of special infection prevention measures or closing down rooms.
  • Multiple form factors – To provide options for all types of patients and care environments, CenTrak offers a large selection of tags including single use or reusable patient tags, staff badges, specialty asset tags and temperature sensors.

CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services Offered in Australia:

Hospital asset tracking and management

Healthcare facilities can easily determine the precise location of tagged assets.

  • Improve clinical workflow — Reducing wasted time spent searching for equipment allows for the optimization of clinical and engineering resources. Knowing where assets are, the moment they are needed, greatly increases staff satisfaction and reduces equipment hoarding.
  • Improve asset utilization — An increase in equipment utilization rates greatly reduces the number of redundant assets needed. Less equipment means less time spent monitoring current status and uptime in addition to reducing maintenance and storage costs.
  • Automate PAR-level management — Staff members save time while ensuring their facilities has the necessary resources to meet the needs of patients. When the lowest threshold of supply quantity has been reached, CenTrak provides the capability to automate equipment replenishment.
  • Prevent theft and reduce inventory shrinkage and— Reduce the costs of stolen or lost equipment with an escalating system of alerts and security measures as equipment approaches egress points.
  • Improve patient safety — Reduce the spread of infections using contact tracing data for visibility into asset interactions between other equipment, patients, and staff. Clinical engineering can be completely confident that the current equipment in use has been properly cleaned and is not part of an active recall or due for maintenance.
  • Improve current processes — To improve business processes, the collection of 100% reliable asset utilization and asset interaction data is used. Precise RTLS documentation supports appropriate change management to improve healthcare operations.

Staff Assist/Staff Duress 

With CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Real-Time Location System, hospital staff are provided with the peace of mind and security they need. Wall-mounted and wearable devices offer a discreet way to call for help.

  • Protect staff — With a staff assist and panic alerting system from CenTrak, nurses and other healthcare workers can immediately and discretely call for assistance from wherever they are. The system will display their exact location, so help can get to the right location quickly.

Nurse call automation 

Caregivers wear active-RFID enabled staff badges either in front of or behind their other hospital-issued ID badges as part of CenTrak’s Nurse Call locating system. Incorporating RTLS into the existing nurse call system seamlessly provides quicker response times for patients, and enhanced communication capabilities for staff.

  • Automate call cancellation — The RTLS-enabled staff badge will automatically cancel the call and records the arrival time when a nurse enters the patient’s room. This feature improves efficiency by allowing for a more hands-free operation.
  • Automatic illumination of dome light —As soon as a caregiver enters the room, the nurse call corridor light illuminates a specific color based on their role, notifying other staff members that a colleague is present. The corridor light will automatically turn off upon exit by the caregiver and the system will take note of the amount of time staff spent attending to the patient.
  • Facilitate staff rounding — By recording how much time has passed since a clinical-staff member has entered a room, RTLS technology assists in better facilitating staff rounding. This information triggers proactive reminders to nurses when rounding is due or past due on a particular room, greatly reducing calls and increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Shorten patient response times — Accurate location information of caregivers provided by the automated nurse call system enable staff to call for the closest backup if the assigned caregiver is unable to respond.
  • Automate documentation — The vast information that is collected for reporting and analysis greatly benefits hospital administrators. The length of time spent with patients as well as information on response times by staff members is automatically recorded. With this data, healthcare facilities can more accurately analyze how care is provided and identify new ways to enhance current procedures and processes.

Clinical operations and workflow

CenTrak’s Real-Time Location System drives new levels of healthcare automation. RTLS can be leveraged by hospital staff to improve patient flow management as well as overall hospital efficiency and productivity.

  • Improve efficiency— With complete visibility into the location, movement and interaction of patients, staff members and critical assets, healthcare facilities can better understand departmental operations and apply sophisticated rules to provide true workflow automation. Easily document and analyze workflow data to recognize and track trends in the flow of staff and patients, measure success, and adjust processes if necessary.
  • Reduce manual data entry — Instead of inefficient manual tracking systems, CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade RTLS technology uses an automated approach to providing enterprise-wide location information of staff, patients, and equipment. This automates the documentation and analysis of operational data such as medical services taking place (lab work, imaging, etc.), room turnover time, and other clinical milestones.

Hospital temperature monitoring

Enterprise-wide wireless temperature monitoring solutions for lab samples, blood banks, vaccines, and others. CenTrak’s Smarter Sensor™ records data remotely to monitor temperature conditions and also track the location of critical assets.

  • Automatically monitor temperature and environmental conditions — With CenTrak’s wireless temperature and environmental monitoring system for healthcare, staff receive instant alerts when temperature, pressure and/or humidity measurements are sensed above or below set parameters. To reduce the risk of costly product loss, immediate action must be taken to resolve the issue.
  • Increase patient safety — Temperature-sensitive assets intended for patient use must be stored and transported under strict conditions. The risk of harmful spoilage is reduced by electronically monitoring these items 24/7.  Another way to decrease the spread of airborne illnesses and infections is by monitoring the differential air pressure/flow throughout the facility. CenTrak’s hospital temperature monitoring system sends real-time alerts, notifying staff of pressure changes to allow for a safer clinical environment.
  • Generate compliance reports— Healthcare facilities can easily and quickly pull accurate temperature and condition data to ensure compliance with Australia’s regulatory bodies.
  • Increase efficiency —CenTrak records accurate temperature data remotely, eliminating the need for clinical staff to manually record this information, saving healthcare facilities money and time.

Infection control in hospitals

CenTrak’s clinical-grade RTLS solution delivers a way for healthcare facilities to increase patient safety and prevent the spread of infection. Our cost-effective monitoring solution also automatically captures compliance and noncompliance events 24/7.

  • Hand hygiene compliance monitoring —CenTrak’s hand hygiene compliance monitoring solution can record compliance with hand hygiene protocols and deliver real-time reminders to staff if needed. With automated data collection by individual staff members or department, this solution helps to identify where additional interventions are needed through comprehensive analysis tools. CenTrak helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities accurately audit hand hygiene processes, improve patient outcomes, lower costs and reduce the spread of unnecessary infections.
  • Contact Tracing—Limit the impact of an infectious outbreak with contact tracing utilizing CenTrak’s clinical-grade RTLS platform. Accurate equipment, staff, and patient locating technology allow healthcare facilities to quickly figure out who has been exposed to a contagious illness. Identifying which areas of the hospital may have been contaminated provides an effective way to contain an outbreak without shutting down a hospital. Additionally, this solution avoids mass hysteria by only targeting communications to those at risk.
  • Medical Scope Management — CenTrak’s RTLS is an effective medical scope management system that tracks the usage, cleaning and storage information about the condition of each scope in the facility. This helps to avoid medical scope damage with unnecessary reprocessing as well as prevent the spread of bacterial infections due to Bioburden. The DuraTag™ by CenTrak is a specialty asset tag that is able to withstand high-pressure washing and harsh disinfection chemicals. When used together with CenTrak’s RTLS technology, our medical scope management solution allows for healthcare facilities to safely and easily monitor these medical assets.

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