Vaccines Temperature Monitoring

CenTrak’s Environmental Monitoring solutions automate the temperature monitoring process for vaccines – increasing staff efficiencies and removing the potential for human error associated with manual logging. Track and record temperature data of vaccines in order to ensure patient safety and meet compliance standards. Through a wireless battery-powered sensor, and industry leading software solutions, CenTrak will generate alerts (audible, visual, sms & email) to specified staff members if temperatures begin to deviate from programmed thresholds. In the event of a power or network outage, the sensor will continue to monitor the temperature and log the data.

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The CDC’s National Immunization Program recommends that, whenever there is any degree of doubt about the integrity of any vaccine or suspicion that it has been in a suboptimal environment, it should be clearly marked “Do Not Use” and safely discarded. It should also be stored under recommended conditions in a properly functioning vaccine storage unit until the integrity of the vaccine is gauged and established.

With respect to vaccines temperature monitoring, there’s actually a very easy and error-proof way of monitoring temperature. It doesn’t need to be guesswork. CenTrak’s automated solution enables pharmacies to maintain compliance to CDC recommendations and makes certain that vaccines are stored at the appropriate temperature and environment to avoid product loss or possible infection due to spoilage. CenTrak’s Vaccine Compliance Sensor (VCS) can provide staff with immediate notifications when temperatures begin approaching set parameters, saving healthcare facilities time and money.

  • NIST certified
  • Communicates with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or CenTrak’s network
  • Customizable reporting rates
  • Excellent battery life
  • Collection and onboard data storage for one month, even when out of network
  • Covers a broad range of temperatures from -200 ⁰C to 200 ⁰C

Benefits of Automation for Vaccine Environmental Monitoring

The issue with manually recording refrigeration temperatures and conditions is that it creates room for inconsistent data and inaccuracy. Automated temperature monitoring systems for medication temperature monitoring, on the other hand, are simple to use and are completely customizable. This customization allows the user to both monitor and document a range of relevant information including temperature, humidity and other important conditions. At the application level, users can also view refrigeration groups and receive push alerts when the conditions of any of the monitored units move outside of their safe thresholds.

Meanwhile, the system can also generate a variety of reports on multiple units, display the report prior to exporting or printing and provide alerts to prevent any transmission interruptions from occurring. Customizable alert notifications allow the user to set parameters and designate alert methods based entirely on preferences.

Compliance Benefits

CenTrak’s temperature and environmental monitoring solution for vaccine compliance monitoring can ensure your pharmacy is compliant with:

  • FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11
  • USP 797
  • The Joint Commission
  • CDC Vaccines Storage and Handling

Monitoring vaccine storage environments is of paramount importance. If a vaccine is not stored properly, the active drug can lose potency. Reduced potency leads to a dulling effect for the medication, which can leave patients vulnerable to disease or even have severe harmful effects. Once potency has been diminished it can never be restored, so improper storage renders the medication useless and must be discarded.

According to the CDC, there are certain steps health facilities can take with respect to temperature in order to ensure proper storage and safety of the vaccines, including:

  • Be judicious in the selection of the proper storage units for vaccine storage.
  • Assess your cold-chain procedures to safeguard vaccine handling and storage guidelines are met.
  • Make sure to fully inspect and examine vaccines upon delivery, and supervise the refrigerator and freezer temperatures in order to ensure cold-chain maintenance.
  • Contact public health authorities if an error in vaccine storage or administration transpires, and take corrective action to prevent recurrence.

Learn More About Temperature and Vaccine Environmental Monitoring

To learn more about temperature and vaccine environmental monitoring solutions and how they can help your facility meet compliance standards, prevent vaccine spoilage and ultimately increase patient safety, download the CenTrak Environmental Monitoring Overview