CenTrak’s TruView™ for Senior Living

All types of senior living communities must manage wandering risks, control the spread of infections and respond quickly in the event of an emergency to protect residents. CenTrak’s TruView™ emergency alerting system for the elderly offers the highest location accuracy for wander management, contact tracing and duress response.


TruView™ – CenTrak’s Wander Management and Emergency Alert System for Senior Living

As senior living increasingly focuses on resident independence, the industry needs innovative ways to manage wander risks, reduce contagion outbreaks and respond to emergencies. TruView™ addresses these needs by increasing visibility to resident location through accurate technology. At an economical price, TruView includes advanced features specifically designed for senior living communities to improve the standard of care.

Traditionally, most location technologies available for senior living only provide estimated data or are considered too costly. However, wander control becomes especially important in memory care management, where many residents with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s, need greater protection. Real-time, accurate location information helps caregivers better manage wandering residents in these types of environments. To deliver the best care to wandering-prone residents, staff members need to:

  • Reduce unauthorized wandering
  • Ensure efficient, immediate and error-free emergency responses
  • Provide comfort and protection while maintaining resident freedom
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Advanced Wireless Emergency Call System

In the case of an emergency, TruView™ has sophisticated location awareness for faster response. The system provides residents’ and staff members’ exact locations in real-time. As a result, staff members know where to find residents and coworkers during an emergency. When an emergency alert triggers, it notifies staff through a mobile care application on their devices.

TruLocation™ – Definitive Location Information

Advanced infrared technology powers the location information features of TruView™. CenTrak utilizes advanced infrared technology and Active UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) devices for real-time tracking. TruView™ provides certainty-based location data that covers rooms, hallway segments, and other areas. It can determine TruLocation™ both indoors and outdoors for maximum accuracy.

Comprehensive Features for Care Management

Senior care communities can leverage accurate, customizable location technology to manage wandering and improve emergency response times. TruView™ handles the following aspects of residential senior care:

  • Emergency call: Every second counts in an emergency. TruView™ emergency alert devices notify staff when a resident requests help with information on exactly where the event is taking place.
  • Staff assist: A wireless call system for assisted living and other senior care communities allows staff to request assistance when needed. Precise location information lets other staff members know exactly where to go to provide assistance.
  • Wander management: Manage resident wandering through location tracking and individual system settings. Set off-limits areas and customize location settings based on the resident’s wandering risk. Wander alarms trigger an alert when a resident begins to stray beyond campus-safe boundaries.

Peace of Mind for Seniors, Families and Caregivers

Everyone involved in a resident’s care can benefit from the robust features of TruView™. Seniors gain a sense of security knowing that staff can find them during an emergency. Family communication is greatly improved with clear documentation and reporting. Senior living communities can rest assured that residents stay safe and are well cared for.


Key Wander Control Features for Integrated Senior Living

Comprehensive features ensure residents’ safety in senior living communities:

Indoor and Outdoor Emergency Calls

Many senior living communities include indoor and outdoor spaces. Maintain campus-wide security through geofencing. A sophisticated combination of wireless technologies ensures coverage in every area. TruView™ performs indoor and outdoor geofencing by simple programming of safe zones and off-limits areas.

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Immediate Notifications

When a TruView™ alert triggers, it immediately notifies all relevant staff members. Alert notifications can be sent through an app, SMS and/or email. CenTrak call buttons create a haptic vibration to let the user in distress know that the system has received the alert.

alert customizationMeaningful and Accurate Location Data for Senior Communities

The power lies in TruLocation™ — accurate and fast location data for senior living communities. Each TruView™ system features a modern, simple interface that makes it easy to find the features the user needs. It has a detailed map view that shows staff and resident locations. Through the TruView™ interface, the user can also search for a specific staff member or resident by name or location.

Wristbands and Alarms for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Residents

Location and RFID monitoring from CenTrak involves ergonomic devices for staff, residents and the community environment. CenTrak provides economical and easy-to-use devices that make it simple to develop campus-wide alarming. These devices integrate with security controllers, EMR solutions, and Building Systems for a fully connected community. The range of devices for TruView™ includes lightweight bracelets, pendants and other wearables for resident and staff comfort. With CenTrak’s wander management system, alarms for Dementia Residents and Dementia door alarm systems can also detect when residents approach exit doors or other egress points.

Customize Wandering Alerts for Each Individual

Set a resident’s individual permissions based on their risk level and the time of day. For residents without a risk of wandering, adjust the settings so they can visit a zone without triggering an alert. If a resident has a wandering risk at specific times of day, the user can set time-based rules. These features allow seniors to age in place in their communities by giving staff the option to increase security over time.

Reporting Capabilities and Wander Alerts

TruView™ displays and records the locations of staff and residents 24 hours a day. These capabilities enable senior living communities to:

Detect Resident Movements to Detect Abnormal Behaviors

Through location detection, TruView™ records resident’s movement throughout the day. As communities understand residents’ activities of daily living, they can analyze trends to provide better care when activities deviate from an individual’s normal behavior or pattern.

TruView enables the user to set zones by placing CenTrak devices in relevant areas. Door alarms for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can also track possible wandering.

Pinpoint Resident and Staff Locations to Increase Safety

With a customized, location-based TruView™ system, senior living communities can determine resident and staff locations on a detailed level. Set up CenTrak devices to monitor location by property, building, floor, room, common areas, and outdoor campus grounds. With TruLocators™ (RTLS Sensors) placed in strategic locations, TruView™ offers the industry’s most accurate location data.

Automatically Records Care Time to Promote Quality Resident Care

TruView™ records care time through location detection and application integration. It can document when a resident’s and staff member’s location interact for a specified amount of time, resulting in accurate information on the care provided.

Record Dwell Time to Detect Emergency Situations

In many senior living location monitoring situations, it’s important to track a lack of activity. TruView™ records dwell time, or the time that a resident or staff member stays in the same location. For residents, this could indicate an accident or fall that needs immediate attention.


Why Use TruView™?

Senior living communities choose TruView™ for its comprehensive wander management and emergency alerting capabilities. With TruView™, senior living communities can:

Empower Residents While Maintaining Safety

By monitoring residents remotely, our location monitoring system keeps them safe while maintaining their personal freedom. TruView™ protects residents from wandering into off-limits areas by notifying staff as they approach these designated zones. As a result, caregivers can gently redirect residents back to safety. Individual settings allow residents who have a low or no risk of wandering to have more access permissions.

Improve Duress and Emergency Response Time

The pinpoint location accuracy of TruView™ reduces duress and emergency response time. Every second counts in an emergency, including the time used to find residents and staff. When only estimated locations are available, the responding staff must guess between floors and rooms as to where to address the event. With certainty-based locating, TruView™ can track a resident or staff member down with pinpoint accuracy.

Know When Staff Members Receive Alerts

The remote nature of location monitoring can make it difficult to know if an alert was successfully received. TruView™ uses haptic technology to provide feedback and confirm that the user triggered an alert to the system. When a resident or staff member sends an alert, the device vibrates to indicate that help is on the way.

Respond Proactively When a Resident Wanders

When a resident wanders, it becomes critical to find them as soon as possible. TruView™ sends immediate alerts when an at-risk resident begins to enter a restricted area. Allowing staff members to respond the moment that a resident begins to wander.

Improve Care Through Detailed Documentation

Enhance resident safety, improve staff efficiency and create a better place for residents to live through in-depth records. CenTrak’s TruView™ management system records the following data for improved staff management and care planning:

  • Time that staff members spend performing active care
  • Residents’ daily movements and activities
  • Staff members’ daily routines

Activities of Daily Living Features

With accurate location data, staff can check on residents in real-time based on their movements. When a resident’s activities do not match their typical ADLs, TruView™ alerts their care team. Staff are immediately notified of any abnormal activity that could indicate an emergency.

Staff Assist

TruView™ helps community staff better manage wandering events and other emergencies. It improves duress response time by providing real-time alerts across a team. Staff can also request assistance or additional back up at anytime with CenTrak’s Geo pendant. Haptic technology built into the device inform users that they have help on the way.

About CenTrak

CenTrak uses real-time location systems (RTLS) and RFID to transform healthcare. More than 1,700 facilities use over 6 million CenTrak devices to improve their quality of care.

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