Automated Environmental & Temperature
Compliance Monitoring System

Healthcare facilities rely on temperature-sensitive assets to provide patients with high-quality care. From vaccines and other medications to blood and lab diagnostic samples, maintaining proper temperature conditions is key to reducing product loss. In addition to hospital temperature monitoring, pressure and humidity are also key factors that need to be monitored and constantly maintained.

Critical medical assets need to be protected from exposure to out-of-range environmental levels, as well as easily tracked with staff visibility into their location, status and condition. That’s where CenTrak, the smarter wireless, automated temperature and environmental monitoring solution comes in.

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Remote Healthcare Environmental Monitoring

Meet compliance standards and prevent product loss with CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services™ for temperature and environmental monitoring. Record and track temperature and condition data of mission-critical medicines, vaccines, blood and lab samples to ensure all are safe and ready for patient use.

Our Smarter Sensor™ records and tracks environmental and temperature data remotely, eliminating the need for manual reporting. This creates an effective means to monitor environmental conditions as well as track the location of critical assets, saving healthcare facilities time and money.

More Than Just Remote Medical Temperature Monitoring

More than just offering accurate hospital temperature monitoring, CenTrak has forward-thinking features that protect assets, improve workflows and reduce costly exposures. When healthcare facilities implement CenTrak’s remote wireless healthcare environmental monitoring, they can:

  • Track where assets are located as well as their condition — While some systems just track the temperature, CenTrak’s hospital environmental monitoring solution takes it a step further. Now hospitals can locate exactly where assets are and their environmental conditions.
  • Easily monitor items that require strict, temperature-controlled conditions — Often the most expensive assets of a hospital require precise standards with regards to temperature, pressure and humidity. With CenTrak’s healthcare environmental monitoring and pharmacy temperature monitoring, hospitals can ensure their critical assets are in the right environment, preventing costly replacements and improving their bottom lines.
  • Generate automated compliance reports for any time period —CenTrak’s wireless hospital environment monitoring makes it easy to access compliance reports. Healthcare facilities can automatically get information without clinical staff having to take time out of their busy schedules to manually record environmental condition data. This automatic recording improves workflow processes and better protects valuable assets.
  • Receive alerts when measurements are sensed above or below set parameters — When sensitive assets are exposed to the wrong environmental factors, time is critical. The sooner staff are made aware of the issue, the sooner they can address it. With CenTrak’s wireless healthcare environment monitoring, staff gets instant alerts when measurements are sensed above or below set parameters, so they can take immediate action to resolve the issue. The result is less chance of costly loss of key assets.
  • Remain compliant — CenTrak’s remote environmental monitoring helps hospitals meet compliance with the industry’s regulating boards, including Joint Commission, State Board of Health, CDC and others.

CenTrak is a powerful system that features:

  • 100 percent accuracy — Hospitals know exactly where their assets, staff and patients are. Instead of wasting time locating a needed temperature-sensitive asset, staff can optimize their resources and provide better patient care.
  • Reliable data — Healthcare facilities get reliable and accurate wireless temperature, humidity and air pressure sensing 24/7. For those assets that require strict environmental controls, CenTrak ensures they are protected.
  • Fast, customizable reports — CenTrak’s medical environmental monitoring generates customizable reporting rates down to a few seconds. Hospitals have up-to-date information on the condition of their assets.

Environmental Temperature Monitoring for Pharmacy


Ensure pharmacy products and medications are maintained and prepared under recommended storage conditions in compliance with USP797 with our pharmacy temperature monitoring.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Provide precise temperature and humidity conditions to maintain within blood banks or blood storage facilities according to AABB standards.

Temperature Humidity Monitoring System for Clinical Lab

Clinical Lab

Safeguard valuable reagents and time-sensitive diagnostic and test results found in laboratories.

Centrak Temperature Monitoring for Food Service

Food Service

Achieve food safety, quality and maintain shelf life with monitoring of perishable food items based on HACCP standards.


Monitor and track in-transit healthcare materials from transplant tissues and organs to other products using cooler temperature monitoring.

Freezer Temperature Monitor for Vaccines


Maintain vaccines under recommended storage conditions to ensure quality to CDC recommendations, using refrigerator and freezer temperature monitoring.

Environmental Temperature Monitoring for Medical Equipment

Specialty Use Cases

Automate the recording of oxygen tank levels, differential air pressure, crash cart inventory and other mission-critical conditions.

Hospital Data Center Temp Monitoring


Offer advanced temperature monitoring solution to data centers to more effectively manage energy costs and equipment conditions.

Learn More About the Benefits and Applications of CenTrak’s Automated Environmental Monitoring

When healthcare staff know the exact locations of critical assets and their conditions, they can optimize their time and resources. When environmental factors are monitored, they ensure that assets are always available and safe for patient use when needed. The result is a more streamlined workflow and cost-savings. Hospitals using CenTrak’s wireless medical environment monitoring enjoy a host of additional benefits. Contact CenTrak today to learn more about the features and applications of this industry-leading system.