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Clinical-Grade™ RTLS for Infection Prevention and Control

Keep staff and patients safe, reduce costs associated with the treatment of HAIs, and improve efficiency by eliminating manual documentation and compliance reporting.

Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections with CenTrak's Infection Control System

Still using the secret shopper method to report hand hygiene compliance? Relying on staff memory and manual interview processes to assess infection risk and perform contact tracing? CenTrak’s infection control software and Clinical-Grade RTLS solutions automate these labor-intensive tasks while improving the safety of patients and staff in your facility.

Improve healthcare safety and automate compliance reporting

CenTrak’s end-to-end infection control solution provides locating infrastructure, a variety of patient and staff RTLS wearables, and robust software tools for real-time map views, lists, and reports. Customized consulting and training services help to drive the meaningful impact of your RTLS implementation.

  • Training and Consulting Services
    Healthcare Consulting

    Optimize your infection prevention program

    Leveraging technology and insights delivered by RTLS, we partner with health systems to achieve higher safety standards and greater levels of efficiency. Our experienced healthcare trainers and clinical consultants can assist with redesigning your infection prevention processes in a data-driven and patient-focused way.

  • RTLS-Enabled Devices
    Workflow - Wearable Devices

    Location-enabled devices and wearables designed for healthcare

    Contact tracing is easily enabled with CenTrak's wearable devices including single-use patient tags and reusable staff badges. Asset tags also enable a full contact history report with equipment used by contaminated individuals. Hand Hygiene Compliance sensors are either embedded into dispensers or mounted externally and receive data from staff badges to report adherence rates.

  • RTLS Software
    Solution Tab Workflow 8

    Insightful reports and dashboards to enhance your infection prevention and control programs

    CenTrak’s software application provides at-a-glance dashboard views and configurable reports to demonstrate hand hygiene compliance and deliver accurate contact history reports. Data can be filtered by location, timeframe, roles, and individuals. Automating the collection of compliance events and patient-staff-equipment interactions provides real-time visibility to reduce infection spread, as well as tools for future analysis.

  • Healthcare Interoperability
    Robust Integrations

    Comprehensive RTLS platform and robust integrations to maximize ROI

    CenTrak’s unified RTLS platform supports a variety of use cases leveraging the same hardware, software, and location infrastructure. Our open RTLS platform also enables seamless integration with both new and existing healthcare applications. Common integrations include Nurse Call Systems for automated cancellations, CMMS for asset recall and maintenance management, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for automated documentation.

  • Location Accuracy
    Safety - Gen2IR

    Data you can trust

    To make impactful and sustainable changes in your infection prevention workflows, you need a system that provides you with reliable data. CenTrak's clinical-grade locating was specifically engineered to handle the precision, speed, and rigors of today’s healthcare environment, ensuring that patient, staff, and asset locations are accurate down to the sub-room level and updated in real-time.

Client Success

Denver Health resize

Denver Health Medical Center

Learn how CenTrak’s Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring helped Denver Health improve hand hygiene adherence rates by 75%. With CenTrak, improvement barriers, such as collecting biased observations, were removed.

increase in hand hygiene compliance
hand hygiene events captures
Texas Health resize

Texas Health Resources

With the addition of room status visibility from CenTrak, THR increased patient capacity and decreased patient length of stay. Also learn more about how a Measles outbreak was effectively controlled using RTLS.

first year savings
employee engagement
patient satisfaction

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