Hospital Wayfinding Solutions

Healthcare’s leading fully-integrated mapping,
navigation, & location platform

Many physicians attribute a significant percentage of the 6.9 million missed hospital appointments every year to difficulty navigating the facility. Each of those missed appointments can be extremely costly.

CenTrak’s advanced IoT technology provides digital indoor/outdoor wayfinding solutions for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to help streamline processes and improve the patient experience. Utilizing a complete patient-centric mobile application for real-time appointment reminders, in addition to a robust mapping and wayfinding platform with turn-by-turn navigation and highlighted routes, makes it easy for patients and visitors to find any office or inpatient unit within a sprawling hospital campus. Combining this solution with other location services investments reduces IT burden, enhances patient and staff satisfaction, and improves ROI.


Hospital Wayfinding Software: Key Functionalities

Leveraging Bluetooth technology, existing hardware infrastructures, and powered by Google Maps, CenTrak delivers a cost-efficient and scalable platform.

Indoor Positioning Capabilities

Seamless connectivity of indoor and outdoor environments with customizable directions, navigation and access routing across campuses, between buildings and back to parking areas/spaces

Interactive hospital directory easily converted from CAD or other floor plan files with dynamic, turn-by-turn navigation using highlighted routes. CenTrak provides both the ‘Blue Dot’ and/or on-demand location experience, depending on customer requirements.

Pathway management CenTrak’s patented algorithms provide various routes for guests, employees (with varying degrees of security clearances), handicap routes which avoid stairs, and options for avoiding construction zones or varying weather-conditions that can minimize outdoor travel time

Informative and flexible Points of Interest (POI) data can include several helpful details such as: categories, contact information, hours of operation, keywords for smart search, descriptions, images, videos and web URLs

Navigate from home with real-time appointment reminders and in app push notifications

Save my parking feature allows patients and visitors to easily return to their parked location

Geofencing to identify zones occupancy analytics, location-based push notifications, and in-app event triggering

Share indoor location with others via text, email, Facebook messenger, etc. while keeping all personal information safe and secure.

Robust Ecosystem of Third-Party Integrations

EMR/EHR for personalized appointment information including care plans, questionnaires, and eCheck-in capabilities

  • CenTrak provides in-app access to leading EMR/EHR systems via link
  • Wayfinding can be launched directly from appointment reminder texts or notifications
  • Find a physician search, locate and navigate to the physician’s office

Enterprise Location Services Route and timing to reach critical assets, locations and people of interest with Real-Time Location System (RTLS) tags

  • Locate and navigate to assets, including infusion pumps and wheelchairs
  • Visibility to resource status – search for and navigate to available assets only
  • Locate and retrieve expensive misplaced mobile devices

Additional integrations:

  • Transportation services
  • ER and urgent care wait times
  • CMMS/Facility Management systems
  • Network Vendors
  • Scheduling systems
  • Room booking systems
  • & more

Advanced Analytics and Reporting for Efficient Healthcare Delivery

  • Real-time occupancy
  • Volume of visits
  • Historical routing and occupancy heatmaps
  • Dwell times
  • Space utilization rates
  • Web usage analytics

Cloud Content Management System

As facilities change over time, CenTrak’s Content Management System (CMS) allows for the administrative flexibility to future-proof your Wayfinding and Location Services platform.

Web-based CMS helps users easily create and update critical information, such as:

  • Facility Maps
  • Points-of-interest with metadata
  • Pathways and routing
  • Geofence zones
  • Reports

Multiple Delivery Options

Customizable indoor mapping and location experience for cohesive branding. Software Developer Kit (SDK) available to integrate mapping and wayfinding into 3rd party apps/kiosk

Mobile App

Digital Display (Kiosk)

Web Browser

Digital Wayfinding Solutions

Hospital visits can be stressful even under the best of circumstances. When someone is dealing with a new diagnosis or worrying about a loved one’s condition, the last thing they want is to wander into the wrong section of the hospital or show up late to an appointment after misreading a map. Hospitals can be intimidating to patients, they often have to traverse multiple floors, wings, buildings and parking lots. Sometimes, these can span across several city blocks and demand a certain level of familiarity to navigate.

Hospital wayfinding solutions offer a way to guide patients through a facility with the least amount of confusion or frustration. A wayfinding app provides a map of the hospital to the visitor’s smartphone, allowing them to navigate the hospital in real time. The technology keeps patients, their caregivers and their visitors safer and happier, which can pay both real and virtual dividends to hospitals wary of receiving negative HCAHPS scores or dealing with the fiscal impact of missed appointments.

Indoor positioning and mapping solutions help in the complexities of managing multi-building, multi-floor hospital campuses as well. Facility managers can better understand how their facilities are being utilized, staff are not interrupted with constant directional inquiries, staff, visitors, and patients have easy access to directories, floor maps, parking facilities, lists of local “near me” amenities, and more.

CenTrak provides a portfolio of enterprise location services and a sophisticated indoor mapping platform that support unique healthcare applications, including wayfinding solutions. Our phone locating capabilities, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons and embedded BLE devices, can communicate with patients’ smartphone apps.


The Benefits of Using BLE Technology for Indoor Hospital Navigation

While CenTrak offers both standalone BLE beacons and BLE-embedded infrastructure, there are several benefits to leveraging the embedded infrastructure. CenTrak provides the option to license BLE independently from its second-generation infrared (Gen2IR™) and low-frequency (LF) technology, offering advantages for health care organizations that ultimately want to scale wayfinding or asset tracking initiatives to true enterprise visibility. For advanced-use cases that require real-time locating services (RTLS), such as Clinical-Grade RTLS™, healthcare facilities have the ability to leverage the same infrastructure’s WiFi, UHF RF, LF and Gen2IR alongside the BLE technology.

In terms of wayfinding solutions for healthcare facilities, the benefits of choosing CenTrak’s fully-integrated mapping, navigation, & location platform include the following:

Improving the experience for visitors and patients: Because the hospital experience is inherently stressful, many healthcare providers are eager for any way to enhance the experience of their visitors and patients. Helpful tools like hospital wayfinding apps go a long way toward alleviating that stress and helping visitors and patients feel more comfortable.

Easing anxieties: Some of the anxiety produced in the hospital setting comes as patients and visitors try to find their way around a complex and unfamiliar facility. In a medical emergency or time of illness or injury, the loss of control many people feel becomes compounded by the lack of control over the environment. Providing clear wayfinding solutions returns some autonomy to patients and their loved ones.

Decreasing the time staff spends giving directions: Clinical staff and other healthcare professionals are incredibly busy focused on patient care. And the administrative staff members are tasked with scheduling critical appointments, making sure insurance claims are processed quickly and accurately, and performing many other responsibilities that help the facility run smoothly. Making use of wayfinding solutions decreases the amount of time these staff members must spend giving directions, and increases their ability to focus on and complete their work effectively.

Increasing the number of on-time appointments: Even a small number of late patients can lead to delays and frustration. If the first three appointments are each ten minutes late, the practitioner is already an hour behind even before the morning is half over. Helpful hospital wayfinding apps increase the likelihood that patients will arrive on time. They enable practitioners to see more patients on time and reduce patients’ frustration at having to endure long stretches in the waiting room.

Providing efficient updates: If a patient has an old map or the medical facility has an outdated directory, patients can easily get lost. But with a digital wayfinding solution, and CenTrak’s robust content management platform, facilities can update system data, facility maps, POIs and routes quickly and easily.

Increasing the speed of emergency services: When people arrive at the hospital with an emergency, they may waste precious minutes trying to figure out where to go. A hospital wayfinding app can direct them quickly and efficiently to the emergency department to receive aid.

Why Choose CenTrak?

CenTrak provides efficient location services that can deliver outstanding value to hospitals. Leveraging Bluetooth technology, existing hardware infrastructures, and powered by Google Maps, CenTrak delivers a cost-efficient and scalable wayfinding platform.

Our services also lead to a better wayfinding experience. Here are four ways we work smarter.

ReliabilityReadable maps and accurate directions need dependable location information to build on. Our equipment supplies condition and status updates regularly, as well as location information. Our tags and other devices use batteries with long lifespans to ensure continued function. CenTrak’s supervised platform allows ongoing management and maintenance of indoor positioning system infrastructure. Easily manage and oversee coverage areas, battery statuses, and more.

Cutting-Edge, Multi-Mode TechnologyWe rely on a combination of technologies to improve return on investment, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Active UHF RFID, Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR), GPS, Ultrasound, Passive RFID, Low Frequency (LF), and others. This allows facilities to scale and grow with their system as their needs change. Wayfinding applications are available on several devices including web browsers, mobile phones/tablets and facility digital displays (kiosks).

Ease of Installation Hospitals and healthcare facilities need location services they can implement without hassle. Our battery-powered devices can be placed in patient care areas without any special infection control measures. There are no intrusive or bulky devices to interfere with patient care. CenTrak’s compact, user-friendly devices can fit safely and unobtrusively into patient rooms, waiting rooms, hallways and wherever a medical facility needs to direct its visitors.

InteroperabilityCenTrak’s platform can work with a variety of existing applications, such as those that monitor hand hygiene compliance, capacity management, electronic health records and more. Integrating hospital wayfinding solutions with other healthcare data into one overarching system helps provide robust data/analytics, easier maintenance and updates, and a more comprehensive/enhanced patient and staff experience.


CenTrak is proud to be a provider of accurate, reliable Enterprise Locating and Sensing Services™ for healthcare facilities all around the world. Below is a list of our most recent awards. We are pleased to be recognized by some of the top healthcare and technology organizations.

KLAS #1 Rated Category Leader
for 3 years in a row

Awarded Deloitte Tech Fast 500
for 3 years in a row

50% of Becker’s Hospital Review
Top 100 are CenTrak Customers

Hospital Wayfinding Best Practices

Want to improve your patient and visitor experience? Here are a few hospital wayfinding best practices to keep in mind. As an industry expert in wayfinding for health care facilities, CenTrak can help boost these best practices and put them into effective action:

  • Include appropriate signage or deploy digital solutions such as mobile applications, inviting visitors to understand where they are and where they are heading.
  • Rely on color coding to differentiate between different zones of the hospital.
  • Employ easy-to-understand symbols to encourage people to navigate instinctively.
  • Use non-medical terminology to ensure the audience understands anything the hospital is trying to convey.
  • Integrate real-time location services, so visitors can see themselves and also view other activity that may impact their navigation of the hospital, such as a broken elevator.
  • Reinforce branding and culture, perhaps with a unifying theme or hopeful message.
  • Focus on patient experience by enhancing clarity, readability and an attractive aesthetic.
  • Focus on inclusion – make sure people with visual impairments or people who do not own smartphones will still be able to find their way.

Improve Wayfinding for Your Health Care Facility

When you’re considering how to improve wayfinding in your hospital or clinic, trust CenTrak for reliable, user-friendly solutions. Our RTLS services provide pinpoint accuracy, make medical facilities more efficient and cost-effective and increase patient satisfaction. Going to the doctor’s office or hospital can be a challenging experience, but you can make it an easier one by giving visitors and patients the tools for easy, intuitive navigation that quickly leads them to the help they need.

Contact us today to further discuss how CenTrak can help with the implementation of wayfinding solutions in your hospital. Get in touch online, or call us at (215) 860-2928 to request a demo.