Wayfinding Solutions for Hospitals

Hospital visits can be stressful even under the best of circumstances. When someone is dealing with a new diagnosis or worrying about a loved one’s condition, the last thing they want is to wander into the wrong section of the hospital or show up late to an appointment after misreading a map. Hospitals can be intimidating to patients, whether they’re making their first or their 15th visit. They often have to traverse multiple floors, wings, buildings and parking lots. Sometimes, these can sprawl across several city blocks and demand a certain level of familiarity to navigate.

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Wayfinding Solutions

Hospital wayfinding solutions offer a way to guide patients through a facility with the least amount of confusion or frustration. A wayfinding app sends a map of the hospital to the visitor’s smartphone, allowing them to navigate the hospital in real time. The technology keeps patients, their caregivers and their visitors safer and happier, which can pay both real and virtual dividends to hospitals wary of receiving negative HCAHPS scores or dealing with the fiscal impact of missed appointments.

CenTrak provides a portfolio of Enterprise Location Services that support unique healthcare apps, including wayfinding solutions. Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and embedded BLE devices can communicate with patients’ smartphone apps to direct them through the facility.

Why Choose CenTrak?

CenTrak provides efficient location services that can deliver outstanding value to hospitals. The benefits of choosing our product to integrate with wayfinding solutions include:

  • Improving the experience for visitors and patients
  • Easing anxieties caused by finding one’s way around a facility
  • Decreasing the time staff spends giving directions
  • Increasing the number of on-time appointments

Our services also lead to a better wayfinding experience. Here are four ways we work smarter.

ReliabilityReadable maps need valuable information to build on. Our equipment supplies condition and status updates regularly, as well as location information. Our tags and other devices use batteries with long lifespans to ensure continued function.

Cutting-Edge, Multi-Mode TechnologyWe rely on a combination of technologies to improve return on investment, such as:

  • WiFi
  • BLE
  • UHF Active RFID
  • Gen2IR

Ease of InstallationHospitals and healthcare facilities need location services they can implement without a hassle. Our battery-powered devices can be placed in patient care areas without taking special infection control measures.

InteroperabilityCenTrak’s open platform can work with a variety of existing applications, such as Hand Hygiene Compliance, Capacity Management, Electronic Health Records and more.

The Benefits of Using Embedded BLE Infrastructure vs. Standalone BLE beacons

While CenTrak offers both standalone BLE beacons, as well as BLE-embedded infrastructure, there are several benefits to leveraging the embedded infrastructure. CenTrak provides the option to license BLE independently from its Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) and Low Frequency (LF) technology, offering advantages for healthcare organizations who ultimately want to scale wayfinding or asset tracking initiatives to true Enterprise Visibility. For advanced use cases that require Clinical-Grade™ RTLS, healthcare facilities have the ability to leverage the same infrastructure’s Wi-Fi, UHF RF, LF and Gen2IR alongside the BLE technology.

Hospital Wayfinding Best Practices

Want to improve your patient and visitor experience? Here are a few hospital wayfinding best practices to keep in mind:

  • Include appropriate signage, inviting visitors to understand where they are and where they are heading
  • Rely on color coding to differentiate between different zones of the hospital
  • Employ easy-to-understand symbols to encourage people to navigate instinctively
  • Use non-medical terminology to ensure the audience understands anything the hospital is trying to convey
  • Integrate real-time location services, so visitors can see themselves and also view other activity that may impact their navigation of the hospital, such as a broken elevator

Learn More About How CenTrak’s Wayfinding Solutions Can Improve the Patient Experience

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