Asset Tracking & Inventory Management

Today’s healthcare facilities are facing increased patient volume as well as higher expectations for patient experience and satisfaction. To meet these increasing demands, they need to eliminate wasted steps and create a more streamlined workflow.

One of the key components to an effective workflow is asset tracking and management. When staff members are under pressure, they don’t have time to spare searching for medical equipment such as IV pumps and patient monitoring devices. That’s where CenTrak’s active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology comes in.

With CenTrak’s hospital asset tracking and management system, staff know the exact location and condition of critical resources they need. CenTrak, the most accurate real-time locating system (RTLS), delivers rapid location and condition updates capable of capturing interactions between equipment, patients and staff within seconds.

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How CenTrak Makes Tracking Mobile Medical Equipment Easy

With CenTrak’s active RFID hospital asset tracking and management system, asset tags are placed on mobile medical equipment. These asset tags seamlessly communicate with existing systems, providing key data on the exact location and condition. Staff can access real-time reports on where the equipment is while gaining peace of mind that valuable assets have not been lost or stolen. When seconds count, caregivers can access critical equipment quickly. It speeds up workflows, resulting in better overall patient care. CenTrak’s system improves asset tracking in healthcare because it’s:


With CenTrak, there is only one infrastructure to install and manage; it’s the most practical asset visibility solution on the market today.


CenTrak’s asset tracking system easily integrates with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), elevators, door locks and security cameras. Its open platform also means it seamlessly integrates with over 100 clinical applications including EMR, Nurse Call, security and high-acuity systems.


The only one of its kind, CenTrak’s asset tracking system combines the world’s most accurate RTLS with a robust security platform. Healthcare facilities have room-, bay- and even shelf-level location accuracy to support for PAR-level management of mobile medical equipment. Whether a facility needs an accurate hospital bed management system or a solution for wound VAC tracking, CenTrak is the solution.


Get critical location, condition and status updates delivered at the application level. With its enterprise-class monitoring, as well as devices and tags with long-lasting batteries, healthcare facilities benefit from at-a-glance visibility. The location devices’ extremely long-lasting batteries and Connect Pulse™ software to monitor battery life helps to ensure the system is always up and running.

Advanced Features

With CenTrak, asset tracking in hospitals is easy and accurate. The advanced features of this one-of-a-kind technology include:

Wireless RTLS Infrastructure

Our battery-powered system can leverage current Wi-Fi infrastructure and seamlessly stream data to both new and existing applications.

Clinical-Grade Locating™ technology

Providing certainty-based location data, this Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) runs in the background, covering entire rooms and hallways. Its rapid location updates and extremely long battery life mean greater accuracy and reliability.

Multi-Mode Technology

A unique combination of Wi-Fi locating, CenTrak’s Gen2IR, and Low Frequency RF to future-proof investment and maximize ROI.

Benefits of the Leading Healthcare Asset Inventory Management System

Managing and protecting valuable mobile medical equipment with the ultimate location platform means healthcare facilities enjoy many cost-saving and efficiency-improving benefits. Take advantage of CenTrak’s powerful asset management system to:

Improve clinical workflow — When it comes to locating equipment, a few inches can be the difference between that much-needed IV pump being in the patient’s room, hallway or closet. Optimize resources by reducing wasted time spent searching for equipment. Thanks to CenTrak’s unique capability of segmenting spaces into meaningful zones, clinicians will know exactly where equipment is when they need it. Unlike other solutions on the market that estimate distance, CenTrak provides the precise location with 100 percent accuracy for certainty-based location data.

Gain enterprise visibility to asset status — Not only does CenTrak’s asset management system provide precise location data, it also provides real-time updates on equipment condition. Within seconds, the platform provides insightful contact tracing data into asset interactions between other equipment, staff and patients.

Increase staff satisfaction — When clinicians can perform their jobs without being interrupted by misplaced equipment challenges, they experience a more streamlined workflow. By improving their workflow, their overall job satisfaction increases.

Automate PAR-level management — The system knows exactly when the minimum quantity of equipment or supplies has been reached, so it can automatically re-order more. Staff save time while ensuring healthcare facilities have the resources needed to meet patients’ needs.

Reduce inventory shrinkage and prevent theft — Healthcare facilities can align order records with their physical inventory count and gain better control over their assets. CenTrak’s system of escalating alerts and security protocols automatically engages as assets approach doors and elevators. Reports show asset movement as well as a history of alarms to give staff greater insight into how assets are being utilized. With this detailed information, administration can analyze and share data for creating action plans that can reduce the number of costly equipment rentals.


Apply CenTrak’s Advanced Technology for Other Key Processes

Not only does CenTrak offer the most powerful and accurate mobile medical equipment tracking in hospitals, but it can also be vital to improving other aspects of a healthcare facility.

Automate nurse call systems and rounding programs — Know the precise location of clinical staff while empowering them with hands-free rounding documentation that automatically gathers key data.

Improve compliance with hand hygiene protocols — Automatically gather hand-washing events and improve compliance.

Observe temperature and other environmental factors — Remotely monitor humidity, temperature and differential air pressure while staying abreast of any factors that fall out of range thanks to automatically sent alerts.

Infant Protection — With unobtrusive, comfortable tags, CenTrak’s system monitors the location of a hospital’s most precious assets, automatically setting off security protocols if needed.

CenTrak’s Active RFID Hospital Asset Tracking in Action

Discover how healthcare facilities have benefited from CenTrak’s active RFID medical equipment tracking by reading our case studies:

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Learn More About CenTrak’s Healthcare Asset Inventory Management

CenTrak’s Asset Management platform uniquely combines the industry’s most accurate real-time location system with a proven security platform. Just one infrastructure to install and manage — making it the world’s most practical asset visibility platform available today.