Medical Scope Management using RTLS

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Webinar Recording
Medical Scope Management using RTLS

Webinar Recording: Medical Scope Management using RTLS

With the potential for widespread disease and the risk of infection from medical scopes, it is crucial for healthcare facilities to have the ability to track the usage, reprocessing, service, and storage lifecycles of these devices. During this webinar, subject matter expert, Tim Tower, will focus on leveraging real-time locating technology to improve the management of endoscopes. Join us to learn how your facility can:

  • Increase visibility and control of scope reprocessing
  • Prioritize asset utilization to avoid frequent and unnecessary reprocessing
  • Ensure endoscopes are stored in the appropriate environmental conditions
  • Automate PAR-level management
  • Improve clinical workflow and reduce time searching for equipment
  • Reduce equipment shrinkage

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