How Workflow Automation Improves Efficiency, Safety, and Satisfaction

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Webinar Recording
Webinar - How Workflow Automation Improves Efficiency, Safety, and Satisfaction (12/5/22)

Are costly workflow inefficiencies impacting your facility’s bottom line? Are your staff members still manually documenting call response times, patient care times, and clinical milestones? Watch the webinar recording to learn how you can automate your clinical processes and focus on what matters most, patient care.

Marnie Lange Cossette, CenTrak’s Vice President of Product Management, and Yamila Kindsvater, CenTrak’s Software Product Manager, discuss how WorkflowRT changes the way care is delivered by optimizing workflows for a superior patient and staff experience.

Participants will:

  • Be introduced to the WorkflowRT software
  • Learn about key solution features such as patient self-check-in and family text messaging
  • Gain an understanding of the value of automating clinical tasks and the improvement of patient flow
  • See real-life examples of how the solution was implemented and the benefits gained

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