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RTLS-Based Patient Flow Enables Operational Improvements and Ensures the Best Patient Experience

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The Situation

Florida Eye Specialists is one of the largest multi-specialty ophthalmology private practices in Northeast Florida. With 15 renowned eye surgeons, they perform over 30,000 cataract procedures annually at their Southpoint Surgery Center. The physicians and staff of Florida Eye Specialists are united by a common passion for excellence in eye care and are committed to delivering the best clinical outcomes and experience to their patients. As Florida Eye Specialists strive to continuously improve efficiencies and deliver the best patient experience, they needed a solution that would help them to act in the moment, as well as provide data to identify areas of workflow improvements. Their current practice management system was lacking real-time patient flow data, therefore Florida Eye Specialists decided to leverage a Real-Time Location-based (RTLS) patient flow solution – WorkflowRT

The Solution

Upon check-in, patients are now assigned a patient badge that monitors their location movements within the facility. This information feeds the WorkflowRT solution to provide staff with real-time visibility into the location and status of their patients.

WorkflowRT provides us with reliable and extremely detailed data regarding our patient care operations. With access to this information, we can continually improve our processes and ensure a professional and consistent experience for our patients and their loved ones.

Jonathan Hughes, Chief Financial Officer

This allows staff to see immediately how long patients are waiting and where they are at in their workflow process. For example, when patients are wheeled out from surgical rooms and move to the recovery area, staff can see it in real-time, so they know the operating room can be prepared for the next patient.

Additionally, WorkflowRT also sends automated status updates via text message to patients’ caretakers. This feature is especially beneficial during COVID-19 when patients’ families are asked to wait in their cars. This allows for much higher efficiency as staff do not need to make phone calls, and it provides family members with up-to-date information as patients move through all stages of their visit. This helps Florida Eye Specialists deliver the best experience for patients and their families.

The Benefits

In addition to the real-time visibility, the biggest benefit of using an RTLS-based patient flow is the richness of automatically collected data on patient flow that can be used to discover opportunities for improvements.

The WorkflowRT reports are an integral part of the overall solution. They provide information on patient wait times, time in each phase of care (e.g. Pre-Op or Recovery), patient time spent with providers and technicians, room utilization, and many other key operational data points. Florida Eye Specialists is also leveraging the RTLS data to analyze OR turnover times.

This data can be examined in various dimensions, including specific rooms, procedures, provider and patient types, days of the week, or even hours of the day. All these insights are readily available in a graphical form, with drill-through capabilities for a more granular view.

Plus, unlike the information in electronic health records and practice management systems, reports from an RTLS-based system are based on actual time stamps derived from automatic and continuous updates from patient location badges, making the data sets very accurate
and comprehensive.

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