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How Nemours Children’s Health System Restarted Their RTLS Program to Ensure Its Ongoing Success

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Implementing Real-Time Location Systems is not an easy task. It is a multi-layered initiative where the RTLS infrastructure, RTLS software, and associated processes need to be in sync to deliver the desired results.

Quite often, the original project team has moved to the next project, leaving an RTLS initiative without clear ownership. For that reason, many initially successful deployments deteriorate over time.

This is why taking a step back may be the best thing you can do when you feel your RTLS system is not performing as it was, or if it has become idle as fewer users rely on the system.

When these symptoms appear, it is the perfect time to evaluate the health of your RTLS initiative and gain insights into how to fix any issues that may have crept in along the way, so your healthcare system can achieve the maximum value from the deployment.

View this webinar to:

  • learn how the RTLS System Remediation process can provide you with a fresh start
  • hear practical advice from RTLS experts and healthcare practitioners on how to manage an RTLS system for ongoing success
  • get answers to any of your questions on how to keep your RTLS system healthy