Environmental & Temperature
Monitoring Technology

Several departments within healthcare facilities, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies must ensure compliance with a broad range of regulatory requirements. CenTrak’s Environmental Monitoring Solution is designed to ensure critical items are stored at desired temperatures, humidity levels and differential air pressure, while eliminating the need to take 24/7 continual manual measurements. Maintenance and management is easy. CenTrak temperature and environmental sensors offer extreme battery life, are fully configurable in the field, and allow for wireless upgrades.


An LCD display provides local visual and audio alerts, complies with new regulatory requirements and delivers an easier, more cost-effective method for probe NIST certification. This sensor was designed to allow very simple and quick swaps of integrated probes and modules with practically no downtime, along with a greater calibrated accuracy. The module swap can be easily performed by the end user, substantially reducing labor and materials to manage the system reducing the cost of ownership.

All sensors will continue to record environmental conditions in the event of a power or network outage and can store measurements offline, which is then transmitted when the network is restored. The sensors operate over Active UHF as well as over any Cisco CCX or Wi-Fi network as needed. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity for local setup and monitoring to tablet and smartphone applications is also available.

Alert types supported for partner applications include:

  • Temperature
  • Ambient air temperature and humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Dry contact (on or off)
  • Door status
  • CO₂
  • Liquid level fill of LN₂ tanks
  • Custom – via 4~20 or 0-10VDC (ex: O₂, Particulate)
  • Low battery
  • NIST certification due
  • Sensor status (on or offline)

Automated Temperature Monitoring for Healthcare

CenTrak delivers a probe-based temperature sensor that monitors a wide range of temperatures, from freezers to above room temperature, with customizable reporting rates. High quality, NIST-Traceable probes ensure accurate and reliable read performance, with back up storage to secure recordings at all times. Each sensor is equipped with two ports to support door ajar sensing, a second temperature measurement, dry contact equipment or nitrogen level alerts.

CenTrak’s temperature monitoring solution can generate alerts when temperatures are sensed above or below user-set parameters. Additionally, the system provides temperature logs which eliminate human error and the cost of manual documentation.


  • -200 °C to 200 °C
  • Accuracy within +/-0.5 °C
  • Built-in Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Module Probe Swap
  • Local & immediate temperature viewing
  • Audible and detailed visual local alert on sensor
  • Dual Port Capabilities to support door ajar sensing, a second temperature measurement, or dry contact equipment alerts
  • Wireless operation over Active UHF, Wi-Fi, or CCX available
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity for local setup and monitoring to tablet and smartphone applications
  • Patented Guaranteed Data Delivery (GDD), measurement data storage for up to 30 days in case of network outage
  • Automated temperature logs
  • Configurable Reporting Rates (1-60 minutes)
  • Low battery alert feature
  • On board locating feature to track high value medications (Gen2IR & LF enabled)

Automated Measurement of Ambient Temperature and Humidity

The Ambient Sensor, is a temperature and humidity sensor that enables a cost-effective mechanism to ensure correct temperature and humidity levels in rooms or refrigerators.

  • 0 °C to 70 °C (+/- 0.5 °C)
  • 10 to 90% RH (+/- 2%)

The sensor can generate alerts when temperatures or humidity levels are sensed above or below user-set parameters, and the system can provide logs which eliminate human error and the cost of manual documentation.

Monitoring of Differential Air Pressure

CenTrak offers a dual-port differential pressure sensor that accurately and reliably monitors air pressure levels. The sensor provides real-time reporting of pressure between adjoining rooms or hallways and alerts when predetermined thresholds are crossed – ensuring the safety of patients and staff members.

Data collected by CenTrak can be used for Pharmacy Departments compliance in accordance with USP 797/800, in addition to patient isolation rooms, surgical operating rooms, and sterile processing departments.

Oxygen Monitoring for Freezer Farms

CenTrak provides Oxygen monitoring, which is required in large freezer farms, where cryogenic units store research samples. In the event liquid nitrogen leaks, lab technicians are alerted prior to entering the room to ensure their personal safety. Additionally, a network addressable alert lamp can be mounted outside of the tank room to alert personnel from entering.

BACnet Stream to Building Management Systems

CenTrak streams temperature and environmental data into building management solutions via a BACnet interface for facilities and operations personnel. In addition, laboratory, pharmaceutical and research technicians will find easy access via a separate, more clinically based user interface for alert response, corrective action detail and simple report printing to satisfy inspectors.