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Create a safe and efficient healthcare enterprise with the most trusted name in real-time location systems.

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More than a hospital tracking system - CenTrak solves operational challenges across the healthcare enterprise.

Gain actionable insights across any department, hospital, or healthcare system with CenTrak. As a partner who invests in helping you achieve successful outcomes, we understand each client’s unique challenges, help you to identify the real-time location system (RTLS) technology best suited to meet your needs, deploy flexible and scalable solutions to future-proof your IoT investment, and continually measure and maximize the value of your solutions.

CenTrak's RTLS solutions transform six key areas and help hospitals achieve the 'Quintuple Aim'

Enhance the patient experience, improve population health, reduce costs, and improve the work life of healthcare providers with a Real-Time Location System from CenTrak. Enterprise solutions include clinical and operational consulting services, purpose-built IoT wearables and infrastructure devices, easy-to-use software, and a robust integration engine with leading healthcare systems such as EMR, CMMS, Nurse Call and more.

With CenTrak Asset, you can easily determine the exact location of tagged mobile medical equipment. This reduces asset hoarding, decreases the time staff spend searching for equipment, and automates workflow such as PAR-level management.

CenTrak Workflow enables quick and efficient patient care. Analyze trends to help identify bottlenecks, eliminate non-value-added tasks, and automate the documentation of clinical milestones for improved operations, communications, and patient handoffs.

Reduce the spread of infection and the high costs associated with the treatment of HAIs. Eliminating manual documentation and compliance reporting enhances operational efficiencies while supporting greater staff and patient safety.

A safe hospital environment is critical to the reputation of the facility and the peace of mind of your patients and staff. CenTrak Safety provides security solutions for infant protection, staff duress, wander management, and wireless emergency call.

CenTrak Experience improves patient satisfaction, increases HCAHPS scores, and can positively impact health outcomes. Our patient-centric solutions include a robust mapping and wayfinding platform, and integrations with Patient Engagement platforms to display staff presence.

Meet compliance standards, ensure product safety, and prevent product loss with CenTrak’s wireless temperature and environmental monitoring solution. CenTrak Environment automatically records temperatures, humidity levels, and differential air pressure.

Your CenTrak Journey

A holistic approach supports a greater return on investment for our healthcare customers. Click each step to learn more about what makes our process unique and customer focused.


Each engagement begins with an in-depth conversation and pre-assessment survey to understand your facility’s unique workflow and associated challenges. After business requirements are collected, our consulting team and design engineers provide a customized cost/benefit analysis.


CenTrak’s scalable solutions and flexible approach to RTLS translate into options for our clients. With our expert guidance, the decisions about solution design are made simple. Based on your unique environment, we help you to understand the most appropriate technology choice depending on the coverage model required, which devices to deploy, and desired software configurations. Key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure future success will also be defined.


Your customized solution begins with the coordinated deployment and installation of your system by our project management and field engineering teams. Your dedicated project manager will provide support throughout every step of the process to ensure timely communications. Before project-close out, solutions are configured based on design and environment, thoroughly tested, and certified. Hand off to our support services team will not occur until the solution has met all client requirements.


During client training, our clinical staff will conduct on-site visits in addition to remote data analysis – providing a macro to micro systems based approach to locating and sensing services. Learn best practices for on-site system maintenance and support, such as the tools and techniques used for technology adoption and change management, assigning location badges to people and mobile medical equipment, creating alerts and configuring the software, as well as monitoring the health of CenTrak infrastructure and tags.


Staffed by certified technicians, CenTrak’s Technical Support Center is available 24/7 to support your mission-critical solutions. Our products are backed by a 7-year warranty and customers proactively receive regular software and firmware releases and upgrades, as well as patch and maintenance releases. Our system management platform, Connect Pulse™, allows you to easily monitor and maintain the overall operational efficiency and battery health of installed devices, sensors, and tags.


Through our quarterly business reviews, CenTrak identifies ongoing opportunities to increase productivity and save operating costs through the guided application of RTLS. CenTrak provides more than just a product. We partner with health system executives to enhance system performance and regularly monitor your return on investment. CenTrak will guide you towards making actionable change across the healthcare enterprise.

Client Success Stories

Wake Baptist Case Study

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist

Learn how CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services enabled Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to create the “ultimate patient experience” while delivering over $10 million in benefit.

annual savings by automating temp. monitoring processes
less in yearly equipment purchases
annual savings in increased staff productivity
Denver Health Case Study

Denver Health Medical Center

Learn how CenTrak’s Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring helped Denver Health improve hand hygiene adherence rates by 75%. With CenTrak, improvement barriers, such as collecting biased observations, were removed.

increase in hand hygiene compliance
hand hygiene events captures
Oregon Medical resize

Oregon Medical Group

"Patients are getting more time with their care team while also experiencing a decrease in appointment wait times. These results have dramatically improved both patient and provider satisfaction rates."

— Steve Liu, Director of IT

reduction in patient wait times
increase in care time
90 min
saved daily by staff
Case study test 2

Piedmont Healthcare

The decision to standardize on CenTrak’s Asset Management solution helped Piedmont save over half a million dollars per year through a reduction in rental expenses, maintenance costs, and the ability to share equipment.

savings annually
decrease in rental expenses
increase in staff satisfaction
Mater resize

Mater Health

"The system is enhancing our ability to receive alerts and increase call bell response times which has given the wards a ‘quiet environment' that is commented on widely from patients and visitors alike."

— Suzanne Hawksley, Nursing Director, MPHS Executive

faster response to patient calls
increase in ward-level response time compliance
facility-wide response time compliance

How We Create Results

CenTrak provides facilities with data-driven insights, creates a safe and efficient environment for staff, and enhances the healthcare experience for patients, residents, and their families.


Define requirements and provide evidence-based recommendations.

Io T Devices
IoT Devices

Detect the location and movement of people and assets in real-time.

Software Solutions
Software Solutions

View activity, receive real-time alerts, and analyze historical data.

Success Management
Success Management

Drive performance with methodical support and guided action plans.

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With the industry’s most scalable and robust Real-Time Location System (RTLS), CenTrak has helped over 2,000 world-class healthcare facilities increase productivity, streamline workflows, drive higher patient and staff satisfaction, and reduce costs.