Specialty Use Cases

Ensuring that everything inside of a healthcare facility is kept under recommended environmental conditions is necessary for ensuring patient safety and reducing product loss. CenTrak’s temperature and environmental monitoring solution automates the recording of oxygen tank levels, differential air pressure, crash cart inventory, and other mission-critical conditions to save clinical staff time and resources.

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How CenTrak Works

CenTrak is a wireless automated temperature monitoring and environmental monitoring solution for the healthcare industry. The system works using environmental sensors, that records data remotely. The sensors then transmit the digital data to the CenTrak database for processing. This allows the system to collect data in a centralized location while minimizing human involvement.

CenTrak’s environmental sensors can record a variety of  conditions such as temperature, humidity, oxygen levels, air flow, and much more. The sensor can collect data at configurable intervals time intervals such as 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Alerts are also customizable allowing staff to receive alerts when supplies get low or set environmental parameters are approaching unsafe conditions

Stepping Up Your Healthcare Environmental Monitoring for Special Use Cases

After installation, the system communicates important condition data to staff via alerts and reports. Alerts notify staff of issues like large environmental fluctuations or low sensor batteries so staff can identify and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Additionally, the system can automatically configure daily reports, which can show any fluctuations in environmental conditions over a period of time.

These features work together within the CenTrak system to provide a comprehensive monitoring solution for any application. Other benefits include:

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified
  • Storage of collected data within sensors for a month when they are outside of the network’s range
  • Communication using the facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, on top of the installed CenTrak dedicated network
  • Customizable reporting options, such as report frequency
  • Low sensor power consumption over time, reducing battery replacement needs
  • Temperatures ranging from -200 °C to 200 °C with 0.75 °C accuracy

How CenTrak Helps

Manual environmental recording in specialty situations is often both inaccurate and impractical. Too often, taking measurements of environmental conditions takes a lot of time and can produce incorrect results. With an automated system, collecting this data is faster and more accurate. The system can even be used to track equipment usage in crash carts, so inventory levels are appropriately managed. A few of the additional benefits of this automated system include:

Accuracy: The CenTrak sensors can handle temperatures as cool as -200 °C and as hot as 200 °C, providing accurate readings down to three-quarters of a degree, much higher than the normal accuracy of a human onlooker. They can even provide accurate measurements for humidity and pressure.

Efficiency: CenTrak sensors have low power consumption, resulting in longer battery lives. This means sensors work for longer with less human input.

Customizability: The CenTrak system and environmental sensors are easily customizable to fit the needs of nearly any situation. It’s also user-friendly, so staff can quickly learn how to use the system for their benefit without extensive training.

Responsiveness: CenTrak sensors alert staff as soon as environmental conditions start to approach unsafe parameters or when inventory starts to run out. This allows the staff to respond as quickly as possible to mitigate the problem.

These features work to benefit hospital staff, ensuring a healthcare facility’s equipment is always ready to handle the next medical emergency.

Compliance Benefits

CenTrak’s temperature and environmental monitoring solution ensures your healthcare facility is compliant with:

  • FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO)
  • College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • State Board of Health

Learn More About CenTrak

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