Outpatient Workflow Solutions

Treatment outside of traditional hospitals has become more common, which means ambulatory clinic workflow has never been more important. Wasting resources with complicated check-ins or trying to track down a patient can become frustrating for both patients and facility staff. Using CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services can alleviate these concerns and create an elegant solution for managing patients.

Efficient automation and increased visibility provided by CenTrak’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) can help outpatient facilities improve operational performance and accelerate the overall treatment process. For example, tracking a patient’s wait time since check in, monitoring where they are in the facility at any given time, sharing what milestones they have completed in their visit and more. With RTLS, patients experience better care and shorter wait times, two outcomes patients and providers can both appreciate.


The Benefits of Using CenTrak Clinical-Grade™ Locating

CenTrak’s devices can track patient interactions with staff, other patients, visitors, and mobile medical equipment. Our Enterprise Location Services system integrates with over 130 other applications including those that track patient flow as well as EMR systems.

Improving patient workflow is one of the top concerns for outpatient facilities. CenTrak’s RTLS for outpatient workflow allows ambulatory clinics to maximize employee productivity by automating tasks such as patient rooming and documenting provider time spent with patients. CenTrak also gathers real-time information about where patients are and what medical services they have received to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel deliver better coordinated care. Other practical advantages of using CenTrak technology include:

  • Reducing patient wait times
  • Increasing patient/provider contact time
  • Improving patients’ experiences
  • Increasing patient throughput
  • Improving patient flow
  • Tracking/documenting patient milestones
  • Increasing room utilization
  • Increasing room availability
  • Enabling self-rooming options
  • Allocating staff resources more efficiently
  • Enhancing staff productivity
  • Improving staff communication

CenTrak’s location services can be scaled to the needs and focus of any facility. It can track long-term trends to help staff implement solutions to problems such as long wait times or inefficient check-in processes. Identifying bottlenecks enables ambulatory clinics to improve patient flow which leads to increased patient throughput and ultimately revenues. Additionally, recognizing patterns in occupancy (how much time patients spend in each room and how much of that time is spent with staff), creates new opportunities to reassign underutilized rooms and reallocate space to accommodate patient capacity.

CenTrak Is the Choice for Smart Facilities

Using accurate location technology, for a patient-centric approach to managing outpatient workflow, makes a facility more capable, more organized and more efficient. CenTrak equipment can cover hallway segments, beds, bays and other meaningful areas. Facilities can select from a variety of tags and badges based on their unique needs. Additionally, facilities can deploy this technology with ease. It’s battery-powered and doesn’t require any special installation measures that can lead to unnecessary downtime for parts of the building.

CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services offering leverages Low-Frequency RF, Wi-Fi, Active UHF, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR) and others. These technologies help to create a system that can identify and locate patients and mobile medical equipment within seconds. It also proves the entire staff is working toward more efficiency and greater reliability, activities patients appreciate in any healthcare situation.

Learn More About Optimizing Outpatient Workflow With CenTrak

The healthcare industry moves quickly. Outpatient facilities are becoming increasingly complex and need systems that can keep up with various workflows and help improve treatment, reduce wait times and allow providers to assist more patients. Contact CenTrak today to request a demo and see how much more effective your facility can become with the most accurate RTLS technology for outpatient workflow.