Nurse Call Automation

Quick staff responsiveness, seamless nurse communication and proper pain management are all critical to the success of any healthcare organization. The foundation of this success is built on a strong nurse rounding program and nurse call system.

With an effective nurse rounding program, staff are regularly in patients’ rooms asking about their needs, which lowers the total number of patient calls. In addition to timely rounding, nurses need to respond quickly to patient requests. While nurse call systems have made this task easier, they have their limitations. These manual processes require input from the patient and offer limited information on location, need and urgency.

Real-time locating system (RTLS) technology changes the game by providing call automation systems for nurses. With CenTrak’s RTLS — the most accurate RTLS system — it is possible to accurately identify the location of clinical staff and assets throughout a facility, streamlining work processes.

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How CenTrak’s Automated Staff Locating System Works

CenTrak’s Nurse Call system enhancement includes staff badges, which caregivers wear in front of or behind their other hospital-issued ID badges. Integrated into the existing nurse call system, they work seamlessly to facilitate communications, gather data and prompt action.

The system also transmits immediate notifications and alerts. Integrating staff locating and nurse call systems drastically reduces wasted time and increases efficiency by automating workflow processes.

When a patient makes a call from his or her pillow speaker or bath station, the nurse call corridor lights illuminate. Not only do the lights indicate the type of call, but nurses can also receive a notification on their wireless phones.

When a staff member enters a room, the system automatically detects and records their presence while canceling the call. To help with potential liability and billing issues, the solution can also document exactly how long a staff member is in a patient room. The certainty-based accuracy of CenTrak’s RTLS makes all of this possible.

CenTrak’s RTLS is:

Proactive — Our platform reminds nurses when rounding is due — or overdue — in each patient room. By integrating CenTrak with existing wireless devices and software applications, healthcare facilities have the option to initiate more proactive rounding reminders.

Automatic — Paper-based rounding log forms, apps for smartphones and tablets, wall-mounted touch screens: they all require staff to take extra steps that break the workflow. CenTrak runs automatically in the background and doesn’t require any manual input from nurses. Instead, it offers nurse locating automation, so clinicians can focus fully on providing excellent patient care.

Informative — Thanks to detailed, customizable reports, managers and administrators can review historical nurse rounding performance for compliance and to better ensure patient satisfaction.

Seamless — CenTrak’s RTLS is an open platform that offers seamless integration with over 120 clinical applications including EMR, Nurse Call and high-acuity systems. The system also integrates easily with existing security and access control platforms, from card access and video surveillance to pagers and public address systems.

Advanced Features for Nurse Call Systems

Incorporating CenTrak’s Enterprise Location Services™ offering into a healthcare facility can optimize resources and staff time thanks to the advanced features, including:

CenTrak’s Wireless RTLS Infrastructure — This battery-powered system can leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to seamlessly stream data to new, as well as existing, applications.

CenTrak’s Clinical-Grade Locating™ technology — Our patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) functions entirely in the background, providing certainty-based location data that covers entire rooms and hallways. It also provides rapid location updates and boasts an extremely long battery life.

Improve Performance with CenTrak’s RTLS

By taking advantage of the advanced features of CenTrak’s hospital nurse locating system, a healthcare facility can:

Improve workflow — When caregivers do not need to stop what they’re doing to input data into the workflow application, the process is streamlined. The system allows for hands-free operation for improved efficiency.

Shorten patient response times — The system allows for segmenting spaces into meaningful clinical zones, so nurses can quickly locate patients, whether they’re in their beds or behind curtained bays. The automated nurse call system provides the precise locations of caregivers, so staff can contact the closest backup if the assigned caregiver is unable to respond.

Automate Records — The system automatically records key data, including the time the nurse entered the room and the length of visit. Staff-patient interaction reports can be quickly generated for infection control and to validate staff presence.

Keep staff safe — It only takes a split-second for a threat to become reality. With a staff duress and panic alerting system, nurses can discretely call for backup, from wherever they are, the moment they need it. The system knows their exact location, so backup can dispatch to the right location quickly.

Increase patient and staff satisfaction — From easily and quickly locating the closest caregiver to automating nurse rounding for improved communication, patients enjoy faster response times and overall improved care.

Leverage CenTrak for Other Critical Processes

Not only does CenTrak revolutionize nurse rounding compliance and nurse call systems, but it can also improve other processes throughout healthcare facilities:

Ensure hand hygiene compliance — Automatically capture hand-washing events while providing gentle personal reminders to staff for improved compliance.

Track and manage assets — Reduce wasted staff time looking for equipment and get real-time data on the status and condition of critical assets.

Monitor temperature and other environmental conditions — Remotely monitor temperature, differential air pressure and humidity, automatically send alerts when they fall out of range.

Ensure infant security — Protect a hospital’s most precious assets with small, comfortable and unobtrusive tags that monitor location and automatically lock doors and elevators if needed.

Learn More About How Accurate Nurse Call Automation Systems Can Improve Facility Performance

Healthcare facilities rely heavily on their nurse call systems to deliver the best patient care possible. CenTrak’s RTLS integrates with leading Nurse Call vendors to add additional features that further enhance the nurse call solution. Contact us today to learn how these features can enhance patient care, improve outcomes and lead to a better working environment.